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Amplified Big Button Phone


Make and take phone calls with ease even if you struggle to hear or see. This landline phone has so many features to make using it a dream.For the hard of hearing, it’s hearing aid compatible and has a loud 80 decibel ringer and a receiving volume that you can adjust up to 30 decibels. There’s also a visual ringer indicator, so you can see when you have a call.For those with impaired vision, this phone actually talks to you, speaking the numbers you dial and telling you the number and name of the person calling. The backlit LCD display is easy to read and there are extra big buttons, too.For complete peace of mind, the phone has an SOS button which when pressed will automatically dial up to 5 of your pre-programmed numbers. Other features include a hands-free speakerphone, again with adjustable volume, direct and indirect memory dialling and a choice of 10 ringing melodies. Incredibly stylish, with a sleek, contemporary finish, it is a great-looking addition to your home.

SKU: 2015785

Category: Handsets

Brand: Solutions from Renwoods

In Stock: 1

Keywords: 270

Price: £79.95 from Solutions World

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