Since the defects of its predecessor remain, Supreme Ruler 2020 (PC), does not seem to have learned a lot from the past.

The game is still extremely difficult and without help or guidance is practically unbeatable.

You must select a country of your interest and guide them through wars, economic problems and foreign policy, all issues it is facing the real world of today. There are also campaigns available that can give you a specific scenario in which to operate.

Supreme Ruler appears to be somewhat 'similar to Paradox Interactive Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron, Supreme but not so good. This game provides some help to users through the lessons, but does not offer solutions to problems you will face in the game.

The game is not entirely rooted in reality and some of the sequences of events do you understand that the game does not take too seriously. In addition, international events are not even remotely close to real-life situations. And the futuristic seems left out.

Audio and video are not working well together. The graphics are boring and divided into pixels in certain parts. The audio adds nothing to the game and the soundtrack is pretty repetitive. Even if the game has some potential, it is watered by a series of nonsense that are more than tangible.

nintendo r4
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