Youth Connexions


This half term (2011) the team have planned the following: -

Living in the woods - 24 hr residential with a Halloween twist

Date: Wednesday 26th to Thursday 27th October 2011

Cost 15 including food, equipment and transport to and from the woods

What it's all about: We will survive in the woods - Bear Grylls style, building shelters to sleep in, building fires to cook on & keep warm. With the correct equipment and a bit of know-how, we will be safe and keep warm and toasty throughout the night.

Thorpe Park - Fight Night

Date : Saturday 29th October 2011

Cost: 17.50 including park ticket and return coach

What it's all about : Fright Night is back and more terrifying than ever before. Experience awesome rides in the dark and 5 terrifying live action horror mazes!
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