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New members wanted to act or help back stage contact Ann Mundye 01582 622667

Curtain Call

WEDNESDAY 12th JUNE AGM Reports from 2012-2013.

Election of Committee


Ann informed the committee that she would be standing down as secretary after the AGM. She is however anxious to still be involved and would like to continue to organise the Fo H


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Last Production

Death by Design was is in
Redbourn Village Hall from Thursday 4th – Saturday 6th December and played to full houses.

Death by Design


‘E was ‘ollerin’ like a madman, and she lammed into ‘im – whack! – right ‘cross the kisser.’ It’s just a taster of David Howell’s latest role as Jack, the loveable cockney chauffeur to Sorel and Edward Bennett. Alongside him keeping the house in order will be Kim Marston-Taylor in her role as Bridgit, their feisty Irish maid; a woman very much in charge. ‘My motto – assume the worst in everyone.’

These are just two of a whole cast of eight very diverse characters.

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Previous Productions

Death by Design

Inspector Drake And The Perfekt Crime

Double Trouble

Inspector Drakes Last Case

You Never Can Tell


Run for your Wife

The Ghost Train

See How They Run

The Winslow Boy

She Stoops to Conquer

Outside Edge

Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of VE Day

Suddenly at Home

Arms and The Man

Little Bo Peep

Little Red Riding Hood

Lord Redbourn's Treasure

Robin Hood

Christmas Carol


Bluebeard (2004 Pantomime)

Season’s Greetings

Don’t Dress for Dinner by Marc Camelotti

Ali Baba (2002 Pantomime)

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Death by Design was is in
Redbourn Village Hall from Thursday 4th – Saturday 6th December and played to full houses.

Death by Design


‘E was ‘ollerin’ like a madman, and she lammed into ‘im – whack! – right ‘cross the kisser.’ It’s just a taster of David Howell’s latest role as Jack, the loveable cockney chauffeur to Sorel and Edward Bennett. Alongside him keeping the house in order will be Kim Marston-Taylor in her role as Bridgit, their feisty Irish maid; a woman very much in charge. ‘My motto – assume the worst in everyone.’

These are just two of a whole cast of eight very diverse characters.

Redbourn Players autumn production of Death by Design by Bob Urbinati was been cast and we’re all set for some fun-filled rehearsals, from September.


Little Bo Peep Rehearsal Pictures December 2013

001a.jpg 118a.jpg
032a.jpg 004ab.jpg 132a.jpg 281a.jpg 280a.jpg

150a.jpg 169a.jpg 014a.jpg

008a.jpg 117a.jpg

Spring Production 'Inspector Drake & the Perfekt Crime’ by David Tristam

When a genius commits a murder, the plan is perfect. But is it foolproof?
The legendary Inspector Drake is back to face his greatest ever challenge, as he attempts to unravel a plot with more twists in it than, well, a really twisty thing. Who is the mysterious Doctor Short, and why did he marry a warthog? Has he murdered his fourth wife - or did she murder him first? Has he really got two daughters called Sabrina, or is one of them telling porkies? Where is Frank the taxi driver? What was the Pope doing in the woods? And, perhaps most importantly of all, why is there a lamp post in the living room? These are just some of the questions facing the world's most famous dick, as he gropes for the answer to the perfect crime, groping some of the suspects along the way.
(The pictures are from a dress rehearsal, first act.)

. . .

Redbourn Village Hall

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 16th -18th MAY 2013



Sergeant Plod: Martin Boutland

Doctor Short: Peter Davies

Inspector Drake: David Howell

Sabrina: Hilary Violentano

Miss Short: Kim Marston-Taylor

. . .


P5120250c.gif . P5120173c.gif . P5120205c.gif

P5120241d.gif . P5120208d.gif . P5120210d.gif . P5120217d.gif

P5120270.JPG . P5120271.JPG



Double Trouble

17th 18th 19th May 2012

Redbourn Village Hall

a100_3113.jpg .. a100_3127.jpg .. a100_3136.jpg .. a100_3099.jpg

a100_3158.jpg a100_3167.jpg


aP1070214.jpg .. aP1070241.jpg

An adaptation by Geoff Farmer of Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’


I am delighted to tell you that Lucy Goodchild and Benita Gilliam have won the ‘Best Comedy Double Act’ for their performances in
Double Trouble as the twins Gregory and George Dromio. The awards were presented to Lucy by the Regional Councillor-Jim Farr at the annual NODA EAST DISTRICT MEETING

‘Inspector Drake’s Last Case’ by David Tristram 1st -3 Dec 2011

Mrs Gagarin: Val Coates .. Set Design Geoff Farmer
Mr Gargarin (her son): Danny Green .. Stage Manager Judy Curd
Sergeant Plod: David Howell .. Set Construction Clive Crowther
Inspector Drake: Andy Turner .. Dave Ellis
Miss Duck: Lucy Goodchild .. Emma Farmer
Mr Butler (The guest): Peter Davies .. Benita Gilliam
Mr Guest (The Butler): Martin Howe .. Marin Howe
Mr Cook (The Gardener): Mario Violentano .. Mario Violentano
Mrs Gardener (The Cook): Hilary Violentano .. Props: Diane Goodchild
Mary Ship (Vicar's Daughter): Maureen Wallis .. Prompt: Benita Gilliam
Stretcher Bearers Kathereine Ellis .. & Others
Costume Hilary Davies & Diane Goodchild
Lighting Ray Cooper .. Martin Howe Steve Smith
Sound Ray Cooper .. Front of House Ann Mundye et al
Director .. June Farmer

Reviews of the Play when performed elsewhere: -

Sensational Comedy Whodunit

It is years since a play has tickled me so insistently.
David Tristram has come up with a comedy whodunit in which lunatic potential is achieved to the point of remorselessness by a cast well-drilled in po-faced humour. Rarely have I seen an audience laughing so helplessly. Together, the inspector and his sidekick sergeant create a team of towering incompetence. You are likely to laugh until you cry -and when you cry, you will cry for more.

Birmingham Evening Post

Samuel French:

No-one could have forseen the strange events that took place one dark evening at the home of Mrs Gagarin. We see her taking a stroll. She screams, 'Who is it? Oh it's you!' Next a gunshot! It's up to the world's greatest detective to solve the crime. But in the words of Sergeant Plod, 'don't believe everything you see'


‘You Never Can Tell’ by Bernard Shaw. Thursday 31st March –Saturday 2nd April 2011 Redbourn Village Hall


Director June Farmer Stage Manager Judy Curd Set Design Geoff Farmer Scenic Artist Liz Ellis

CAST Fergus Crampton Peter Davies . Set Construction Dave Ellis
Mr Bohun QC Martin Boutland . . Katherine Ellis
Finch M'Comas Andy Turner . . Rod Woodhouse
Mr Valentine David Howell . . Clive Crowther
Philip Clandon Matt Parnell . . Pauline Mead
Waiter Clive Crowther . . Martin Boutland
Parlour Maid Ann Mundye . Lighting Steve Smith
Mrs Clandon Pauline Mead . Sound Ray Cooper
Dolly Clandon Harriet Woodhouse . Costume Supervisor Hilary Davies
Gloria Clandon Lucy Goodchild . . Maureen Willis
Waitress Maureen Willis . Properties Ann Mundaye
Cook Diane Goodchild . . Diane Goodchild

‘You Never Can Tell’ by Bernard Shaw. 31st March – 2nd April 2011


DSCF2908a.jpg DSCF2914b.jpg DSCF2888a.jpg


DSCF2959a.jpg DSCF2972a.jpg DSCF3007a.jpg




Little Red Riding Hood


Autumn Production 2nd – 4th December 2010
Little Red Riding Hood
- a pantomime by our favourite - Paul Reakes




Red Riding Hood: Harriet Woodhouse
Roxie Rumple: Andy Turner
Reggie Rumple: Matt Pannell
Grannie Grabbit: Hilary Williams
Gertrude: Kim Marston –Taylor
Count de Cash: Martin Boutland
Cringe: Maureen Wallis
Cower: Mike Turner
Prince Rupert: Jess Hills
Sternum: David Howell
Werewolf: Peter Davies

Ann Mundye
Benita Gilliam
Val Coates
Diane Goodchild
Martin Howe


DSCF2713.gif DSCF2772.gif DSCF2751.gif


26 June 2010 Amphibulus as part of the Redbourn 900 Celebrations at about 11.45am on Redbourn Common near the Methodist Church.

Redbourn Players Amphibalus

100_1743a.gif 100_1749.gif

100_1744.gif 100_1748a.gif

100_1750.gif 100_1753.gif

P6260028.gif P6260042.gif P6260052.gif

Run for your Wife 22 - 24 April 2010

This extremely funny comedy concerns an easy-going London taxi driver with a secret. John Smith has somehow got himself married to two women and this has involved him in a complicated daily timetable and some frantic travelling from one wife to the other. Everything begins to unravel one evening when he is involved in a mugging.


P4180086.gif DCP_7320a.gif






P4180100.gif DCP_7357.gif




More Pictures available HERE

Mary Smith Harriet Woodhouse
Barbara Smith Lucy Goodchild
John Smith David Howell
DS Troughton Peter Davies
Stanley Gardener Andy Turner
Reporter Clive Crowther
DS Porterhouse Martin Boutland
Bobby Franklin Danny Green

Director June Farmer
Act 2 Photographs Rod Woodhouse
Front of House Ann Mundye


Set Design Geoff Farmer
Stage Manager Judy Curd
Set Construction Clive Crowther
Rod Woodhouse
Martin Boutland
Peter Davies
Lighting Steve Smith
Sound Ray Cooper
Clive Crowther
Costumes Hilary Davies
Properties Diane Goodchild
Prompt Valarie Coates

Extracts from the NODA Report

The set was well thought out, with the dividing line between the two flats where the action takes place being understood rather than defined – which obviously gave the characters more room to create the action, and meant that the whole play ran seamlessly. The costuming, it was suitable without being intrusive.

Peter Davies always gives us a lovely characterisation, and his DS Troughton was very good. David Howell as the central character John Smith, who had two wives, was very suited to the part, and gave us confusion, shock and acceptance within the part. Clive Crowther had a small but significant part as the Reporter, and I was glad to see his camera actually flashed – nice touch.

Lucy Goodchild and Harriet Woodhouse as the two Mrs. Smith’s were nicely balanced and completely different in outlook, which gave a good dimension and contrast to the piece. Andy Turner always gives his all to a part, and created some lovely, and very funny moments as the neighbour who unwittingly gets caught up in the Smith’s problems. Martin Boutland played a different sort of character for him, a lighter more sympathetic type – he’s more often the sinister part, really grew into the part in Act 2. I loved Danny Green’s gay neighbour – he gave us a delightfully camp portrayal, and added contrast and colour to the production.

A very good production, with lots of incredibly funny moments, which made this a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


The Ghost Train

A British play, written in 1923 by Arnold Ridley, who much later played Private Godfrey in Dad's Army. The play was first performed at the Eltinge Theatre. Ridley was inspired to write it after becoming stranded overnight at Mangotsfield railway station in Bristol, a now disused station on the Midland Railway main line. It took him only a week to complete, but it played to packed houses at St Martin's Theatre for two years and became a staple of the British theatre for many years to come.

Redbourn Players The Ghost Train Village Hall 3-5 December 2009
DCP_7263.gif PB290056a.gif DCP_7238a.gif

DCP_7236a.gif DCP_7274a.gif


DCP_7267.gif DCP_7246a.gif

DCP_7308.gif DCP_7290a.gif

Cast Crew  
Saul Hodgkin Peter Davies Stage Manager Nick Pullinger
Richard Winthrop Martin Boutland Set Design Geoff Farmer
Elsie Winthrop Judy Curd Costumes Hilary Davies
Charles Murdock Mike Turner Lighting Steve Smith
Peggy Murdock Harriet Woodhouse   Ray Cooper
Miss Bourne Ann Mundaye   Martin Howe
Teddie Deakin Andy Turner Sound Ray Cooper
Julia Price Benita Gilliam Set Construction Clive Crowther
Herbert Price Roy Craske    
John Sterling David Howell    
Jackson Clive Crowther  
  or Martin Howe  
Constable Nick Pulinger Directed by: - June Farmer

Redbourn Players 21st -23rd MAY 2009 SEE HOW THEY RUN by Philip King

Set in a country vicarage at the time when the Second World War is coming to an end, the action concerns the ex-actress wife of the vicar who, as might be expected, has not quite adapted to her new role. When a former actor drops in to see her circumstances arise which scandalise a local busybody and astonish her maid. Cue in the unexpected arrival of her husband, an escaped German prisoner of war, a bishop and a visiting clergyman and the scene is set for a riot of misunderstandings and, of course, laughter. We are sure our audiences will enjoy the gentle humour of this good-natured comedy.

Image17.gif Image72.gif

Image65.gif Image128.gif

Image20.gif Image82.gif

Image57.gif Image70.gif

mh.gif revh.gif


The cast is as follows

Ida: BENITA Miss Skillon: HILARY Penelope: LUCY
Rev Toop: CLIVE Clive: DAVID Bishop of Lax: ANDY
Rev Humphrey: MARTIN B Intruder: MIKE Sergeant: PETER
Ann Mundye was PROMPT

Pantomime Lord Redbourn's Treasure

Dodgybeard Pirate & Chief Baddy Peter Davies
Bilge Dodgybeard's Henchman Benita Gilliam
Barnacle Dodgybeard's Henchman Judy Curd
Commodore Cretin Captain in the Royal Navy David Howell
Swash Commodore's Henchman Kim Marston-Taylor
Buckle Commodore's Henchman Diane Goodchild
Mrs Muggins Owner of the local teashop Ann Mundaye
Capt. Bill Bonkers Mad sea captain Hilary Williams
Marie-Claire Doggidou French Bounty Hunter Hilary Williams
Indiana James Principal Boy Emma Handford
Susie Principal Girl Harriet Woodhouse
Edna Bucket Dame Mike Turner
Bowsprit Bill Principal Girl's Dad Clive Williams
Foc'sle Phil Principle Girl Dad's mate Martin Boutland
Postman Prat Local Postman Valerie Coates
Martin Holidaymaker Martin Howe
Anne Holidaymaker Anne Howe
Mary-Lou Dodgybeard's Wife Lucy Goodchild
Plus various additional pirates & pigmy tribesmen as appropriate Wildcats Eleanor Cunningham, Katherine Ellis, Molly Goodchild, Nancy Goddchild, Holly Howell, Grace Kent
Set Design Geoff Farmer
Stage Manager Nick Pullinger
set Construction Clive Crowther
Scenic Artist Emily Fripp
Sound Steve Smith, Rod Woodhouse
Costumes Hilary Davies
Choreography Pauline Mead
Director June Farmer
Lord Redbourn's Treasure 4-6 Dec 2008


100_1079a.gif 100_1091.gif

100_1049.gif 100_1041.gif
100_1094a.gif 100_1072.gif

Edited Comments from Noda: -

The piece was very nicely written by David – it had some extremely well-written narrative and descriptive pieces to keep the audience informed of the plot, whilst containing many local references and good old traditional panto pieces. Your first time stage manager Nick Pullinger did a very good job, and took his responsibilities very seriously. Special mention should be made of Emma Handford in her first role with you – she did very well, looked the part.

Harriet Woodhouse was a very charming Susie, giving us both the sweetness of the character, and the edge of steel when dealing with the villains! Peter Davies again gave us an excellent pirate captain, commanding and villainous, Martin Boutland came up trumps with Foc’sle Phil, and also Lucy Goodchild’s impressive accent as Mary Lou added another facet to the production, which was well thought out and great fun.

David Howell (Commodore Cretin) and his two henchmen Swash (Kim Marston-Taylor) and Buckle (Diane Goodchild), played well off each other, and provided a nice contrast to the pirate crew. Mike Turner was a good Dame once again – he performs comedy well, and really got into the part. The addition of the cross-overs by Anne & Martin Howe was great, very amusing – and covered scene changes etc very well, which is always good, and keeps the flow of the piece. The ‘Wildcats’ performed well, and what I particularly liked was that they all had lines, and they all said them very clearly.

Once again, Redbourn did a good job, and it was so nice to see good audience numbers, and an audience that were very appreciative and got into the spirit of things.


Lord Redbourn’s Treasure

I have received so many complimentary reports about our pantomime. Our faithful supporters found much to laugh at:

‘the best yet!’, ‘tears of laughter were running down my face every time the canoe appeared’, ‘it was delightful to see the group of girls working so well together’, ‘I enjoyed the topical jokes about health and safety’, ‘It was good to see some new faces in the cast –and they did so well!’ ‘where do you hire the costumes from?!!’ etc. etc.

I worked with you all for three months. I watched you working hard to develop your characters. You deserve all this praise and more. Congratulations to you all.

It was a pleasure to direct everyone. June Farmer

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the success of our Spring Production of The Winslow Boy- the cast, the crew and the numerous members and friends who helped F o H and back stage.

THE WINSLOW BOY by Terence Rattigan





Ronnie: James
Violet: Hilary
Grace: Benita
Arthur: Peter
Catherine: Lucy
Dickie: Mike
John: David
Desmond: Martin B
Miss Barnes: Kim
Sir Robert: Andy

The set and Ronnie were highly commended in
NODA EAST district 3 (St Albans, Hemel & Luton)

The Players have received high praise for the set, the costumes and the outstanding performances of every member of the cast.

One of our regular supporters sent the following to me:

“Congratulations on yet another excellent production. What a versatile bunch The Players are! It is always intriguing to watch them perform such varied roles. We were pleased to learn of the recognition given to the pantomime – which goes to prove the point!”

This was one of many complimentary written and verbal messages which I have received. The production was referred to as “ Better than a London production!!” “A truly professional evening’s entertainment” “A compelling piece of drama perfectly performed”

Finally thanks to everyone who came along to support us. I’m sure you will agree that the cast deserved all these accolades.

ROBIN HOOD by Geoff Farmer.

Robin Hood has been chosen as the best pantomime of 2007 in
NODA EAST district 3 (St Albans, Hemel & Luton). The award ceremony is in Norwich on 18 & 19 April.

CAST   . Women Acting for
the Good of Sherwood
Morgana Hilary Williams . Members of EXTEND
Billy James Booth . Jean Spivey
Jenny Holly Howell . Phyllis Woodman
Wild Man Andy Turner . Ann Mundye
Robin Lucy Goodchild . Joyce Boyd
Herman Chris Drake . Jane Spreull
Sally Amber Townsend . Margie Johnstone
Lady Marian Harriet Woodhouse . Nesta Noel
Margaret Ann Mundye .
Sheriff of Nottingham Martin Boutland . Crew
Guy of Gisbourne David Howell Set design Geoff Farmer
Corporal Gusset Nick Pullinger Scenic Artist Linda Barnes
Sergeant Manacles Matt Pannell Sound Ray Cooper
Dame Alice Mike Turner Lighting Steve Smith
Roger Judy Curd Lighting Rod Woodhouse
Reggie Benita Gilliam Costumes Hilary Davies
Very Little Joan Anne Howe Choreograhy Pauline Mead
Friaress Tuck Diane Goodchild .
Wilhemina Scarlet Valerie Coates .
Judge Martin Howe .
Lord Beauvoir Andy Turner .
King Richard Andy Turner Directed by June Farmer

ROBIN HOOD 6 - 8 December
(and the Merry "Maids" of Redbourn)

Redbourn Village Hall Sold out

bed1.gif PC020078.gif


morgan.gif wmd.gif mm2.gif rh.gif

PC020090.gif sirg.gif

bd2.gif PC020001.gif mm1.gif

Extracts from the NODA Report

This was a very jolly production, well written and directed, and I liked the use of local references, as it immediately engaged the audience, and provided much amusement.

Of the cast, I thought they all did very well, but would particularly like to mention the younger members, James and Holly, they were excellent, had good diction and expression, and kept the pace going. I was also impressed with Amber Townsend who spoke well and clearly.

Hilary Williams was not quite evil enough, I would have liked to see her relishing the evilness of her character more. Martin Boutland’s Sheriff was suitably slimey!! Andy Turner played his 3 parts well. Lucy Goodchild made a very creditable Robin and I liked Chris Drake’s Herman, they interacted well. Harriet Woodhouse’s Marion was very pert and up front and Mike Turner’s Dame Alice was great fun – I understand it is the first time he has played the Dame, and he made a very good stab at it. Nick Pullinger and Matt Pannell needed to be a little more forceful, but upheld their parts well, and I would have liked to have seen a little more difference between the characters of Roger and Reggie, both ladies were good. Martin Howe’s Judge was a good contrast to the rest of the characters, and Robin’s “Women” were fine.

I enjoyed the evening, and as I said before, I thought the show was well-written – the direction was also nicely thought out, and although a little long, the audience and I enjoyed the production.

She Stoops to Conquer

Performance dates were 29th-31st March.

for the cast and crew list click the document CAST__CREW_She_stoops_to_Conquer.doc:

The Spring Production (2007) was the fine eighteenth comedy "She Stoops to Conquer" a three act play by Oliver Goldsmith (first produced in 1773).

Mr Hardcastle, a wealthy country gentleman, has arranged for a match between his daughter Kate and the son of an old friend, Sir Charles Marlow, provided the young people like each other well enough. The fun arises when young Marlow, on his first visit to meet Kate, is deceived into believing that Hardcastle’s house is an inn, and mistakes Hardcastle for the landlord and Kate for one of the servants.
sstc6.gif sstc7.gif sstc2.gif
sstc3.gif sstc5.gif sstc4.gif
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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, adapted by Geoff Farmer

Cast List (Click on the Cast List. doc below)

Charles_Dickens.gif couple.gif marleyandscrouge.gif
marley.gif cratchet.gif
Ashtons.gif Des_Paradise.gif fizzywig.gif

Above (Bottom Left) Tricia McKern from Ashtons present Redbourn Players with a Cheque to sponsor their productions

Review for Redbourn Players - “A Christmas Carol”

7th - 9th December 2006 at Redbourn Village Hall

Director: June Farmer MD: Andy Keeble

Choreographers: Emma Farmer and Harriet Woodhouse

This version of “A Christmas Carol” adapted by Geoff Farmer, kept to the ethos of the original story, but in a more audience-friendly way. The scenery was well-designed giving the cast plenty of stage space, but without making the stage seem empty, however I would have liked to have seen more personal props. Andy Keeble’s specially written music blended well with the more familiar carols, although a bit more pace was needed in the musical numbers, particularly the carol. I liked the finale number, which we were all encouraged to sing along with, it was bright and lively. Of the cast, I felt that this was a nice ensemble piece. David Howell kept good characterisation throughout as Scrooge, with youngsters James Booth and Amber Townsend showing much promise in their roles. The diction and projection was good from all the cast, and everyone tackled their characters with gusto. I would have liked to see the characters facing front more often as some parts were lost to the audience with not being able to see the characters faces. Unfortunately the lighting was not adequate enough on the very front of the stage, and parts were again lost because we could not see the players. An interesting evening, and one the audience really enjoyed.

Nova Horley

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Outside Edge

Miriam: Pauline Mead
Roger: Andy Turner
Bob: Martin Boutland
Dennis: Peter Davies
Maggie: Kim Marston-Taylor
Kevin: David Howell
Ginnie: Lisa Lloyd
Alex: Mike Turner
Sharon: Emma Luscombe


Redbourn Players Presented Outside Edge

Redbourn Village Hall

29 -31 March at 7.30


Redbourn Cricket Club lent us the many cricketing properties and helped with Front of House. Redbourn Players’ Committee have agreed to give a donation to the Redbourn Cricket Club’s Pavilion Restoration Fund

Frankenstein Competition.

This was for young members of the audience, [aged under 14], at our
Pantomime , 15-18 December and was to make a model monster (no larger than a cereal packet) and bring it for display at the performances. Frankenstein and his own monster awarded prizes to the best monsters. Names of winners will also be in the Redbourn Common Round and are:

WINNER: Sadie Norris

  • Joshua Garfield
  • Abigail Garfield
  • Holly Howell

Frankenstein by David Howell

I was very pleased to see so many members at the audition for this pantomime and also the new members – Lisa Lloyd, Emma Luscombe, Mikey Turner and Matt Pannell. Welcome to all these and to Martin Boutland who is once again able to join us. In addition to these we have many new younger members for this Christmas performance: - Amber, Gwynneth, Katie, George, Holly and Daniel.

Gary Carty from Ashtons presents a cheque to Redbourn Players as sponsors of Frankenstein. Tricia MCKern also represented Ashtons








A Pantomime by David Howell

15th - 18th December

Redbourn Village Hall


f2.gif f3.gif f4.gif


Character ACTOR
Vinny van Helsing Lisa Lloyd
Conny Claptrap Emma Luscoube
Countess van Hesling Andy Turner
Professor Claptrap Peter Davies
Baron Frankenstein David Howell
Igor Blimey Kim Marston-Taylor
Count Bloodsucker Martin Boutland
Doctor Jekyll Judy Curd
Inspector Mad Richard Smith
Constable Stupid Matt Pannell
Retributia Pauline Mead
Jobsworth Sue Tuffnell
Old Person Ann Mundye
Britney Bethaney Lawrence
Strange Bloke Michael Turner



These comments are adapted from those in the National Operatic and Dramatic associations report (London Area)

It really was a village pantomime, about the village and with many of the cast actually from the village. As always director June Farmer had some very good ideas and overall the piece moved well and characters were clearly defined. The trick bench worked effectively as did the disappearing Count Bloodsucker in the coffin.

Nick Pullinger set an excellent example speaking his lines clearly followed by the rest of the children. The opening chorus of children were in front of a good backcloth depicting Redbourn Common and this made an immediate impact.

Pauline Mead had a very good accent, timing and rapport.

Emma Luscome had excellent diction and projection and some wonderful facial expressions. She made a perfect principal girl.

Lisa Lloyd with her slim figure and long legs, was every inch a principal boy.

Peter Davies interpretation of professor claptrap showed a positive character with good timing and at one time like a Welsh “Churchill”.

The casting of Matt Parnell and Richard Smith as Inspector mad and Constable Stupid was a stroke of genius as their physical differences made them all the more amusing.

David Howell was an ideal Baron Frankenstein, creating a very good character. Kim Marston-Taylor had a good accent and delivery. Martin Boutland had a good costume and makeup for Count Bloodsucker and made an impression with the way he walked with his head to one side. Judy Kurd played her role with enthusiasm. Mike Turner made a definite impression playing the monster

Andy Turner did extremely well as the Dame with his booming voice and expressive eyes.

David Howell did extremely well creating several ‘larger than life’ characters and maintained the local feel.

The programme was interesting and well compiled

Overall an enjoyable production.

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The Village Hall – Saturday 7 May 2005. Exhibition from 2.30pm – 5pm Tickets were £1.00 Presentation at 7.30pm. Tickets were £5.00.


Jean Cooper’s admirable compilation of writings about the Second World War made for a wonderful celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the end of that awful conflict. Just a fortnight after the last performance of Suddenly at Home Jean and Martin Howe put together a splendid performance that involved readers from the Players, youngsters from our local schools, the Ver Singers directed by Gill Chapman and songs by Yvonne Sibley and Emma Farmer. A number of residents provided memories of the war years in Redbourn and the whole show provided excellent entertainment for the packed audience, which enjoyed a taste of wartime food, in the Supper Interval. This was organised by Ann Mundye and
June Farmer. The evening performance was preceded by an exhibition of uniforms, gasmasks, steel helmets and other memorabilia, supplied by Brian Adams, Curator of the St Albans Museum, by Michael Morgan and, of course, village residents. This exhibition was complemented by many excellent photographs provided by Geoff Webb and by a display of Posters and models of Anderson Air Raid Shelters made by pupils at Redbourn Junior School. This was a marvellous village event that owed much to the tremendous hard work of Martin and Jean. It created very effectively the atmosphere of those wartime days and stirred the memories of our older villagers. It will be long remembered.

Suddenly at Home by Francis Durbridge

21 – 23 April 2005

Directed by June Farmer

Cast & Crew

Maggie Howard Kim Marston-Taylor
Helen Tenby Pauline Mead
Ruth Belcher Sue Tuffnell
Sam Blaine David Howell
Shelia Wallis Benita Gilliam
Appleton Peter Davis
Remick Roy Crask

Stage manager Judy Curd
Lighting Matthew Pannell
Set Design Geoff Farmer
Properties Ann Mundye, Jan Taylor
Artistic Advisor Linda Barnes

The action takes place in the living room of the Howard’s Flat

Our Spring Production is now just a memory – but what a pleasure it was that our first “serious” play for some time was so well received by our audiences, which have (perhaps) become too much attuned to comedy and pantomime over the past few years. There were a few unexpected laughs here and there but the players did make the many tense moments in this play grip the audience completely, right to the very last second. The suspense and surprises worked magically. However, self-praise is no recommendation and so we quote just a few of the many flattering remarks by Lennie Self, the National Operatic and Dramatic Association critic:

“the audience obviously savoured every moment … sat with rapt attention … fine characters emerged …. Kim created a truly plausible character … Pauline… a very good, many faceted character … Sue…credible as the maid …. David is absolutely natural on stage …. Benita acted with assurance and also displayed her many emotions admirably… Andy has excellent stage presence and timing and created a realistic nasty scheming character … Peter was ideally cast …. Roy was good playing the creepy character of Remick. “it was a well performed enjoyable play … the comments of the audience shows how much they appreciated your hard work.”

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Xmas Pantomime 2-5 December 2004 Bluebeard

Production Dates 2nd – 5th December.

The following is quoted from the National Operatic and Dramatic Association report of the Panto and was complied by Josie Shingles

“a lively typical village pantomime, with lots of noisy excited children – how they loved to shout and yell loudly – it was good clean family entertainment all performed with much enthusiasm – a slick show – action was fast and furious at times with jokes and ad-libs flying all over the place – choreographers Pauline Mead and Jan Taylor had some unique and unusual routines worked out – all done with gusto and the discipline was great. I especially liked the Black Tower scene with athletes which was very well done indeed – the Monster Mash with Bluebeard and Lurkin was hilarious, also All That Jazz by Ruby and Mrs Shivers was amazing.

“Richard as Ruby was very funny and great at ad-libbing - the bedroom scene was pure farce and really hilarious – Peter Davies was great – I loved his warm Welsh voice and fatherly character Andy Turner was absolutely terrific – wonderful dark rich fruity voice, nasty and evil, grand and imposing – David Howell was also amazingly funny - has great timing – Pauline Mead did an excellent portrayal, weird and scary to start with, when she transformed into Jemima Bond was brilliant. Benita Gilliam very good French accent very well played indeed. Set well designed and constructed, costumes excellent and stylish, lots of colour and variety.


Mr Rockbottom Peter Davies
Ruby Richard Smith
Flora Sue Tuffnell
Fetch Kim Marston-Taylor
Carrie Ann Mundye
Robin Judy Curd
Bluebeard Andy Turner
Lurkin David Howell
Mrs Shivers Pauline Mead
Marie Benita Gilliam

Set Design & Construction Geoff Farmer
Stage Manager Alison Begley
Artistic Director Linda Barnes
Sound Ray Cooper
Choreography:- Adults Pauline Mead
Choreography:-Young Actors Jan Taylor
Properties Kathy Bissett


Jonathan Harmer
Max Walters
Nicholas Pullinger
Diane Aughton
Zoe Dear
Claire Mc Creesh
Amy Flecknell
Victoria Flecknell
Emma Wilson
Katie Wilson

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Don’t Dress for Dinner by Marc Camelotti


Extracts from the ‘Noda Operatic & Dramatic Association Report Friday 2nd April 2004

The tabs opened to reveal a very good, well painted set. The room was believable as a good country house and was suitably dressed.

Director June Farmer is to be congratulated for her expert handling of the complex script.

Andy Turner was superb playing Bernard. He has a very good sense of timing. He displayed some marvellous mannerisms and facial expressions. He obviously has a talent for comedy.

David Howell made a very good entrance and was magnificent in the role of Robert. He deserved the applause he received for his convoluted speech.

Judy Curd was a very good choice to play Jacqueline. Her indignation when she thought Robert was two timing her was a joy to behold.

The role of Suzette is a marvellous role for any actress as she is pivotal to the plot and Benita Gilliam played it to the full. She has a good sense of comedy and gave a wonderful performance.

Kim Marston-Taylor used her eyes well and was completely believable as the mistress. Her righteous anger at being mistaken for the cook and required to cook for a dinner party, and her subsequent anger with Bernard were well played.

What a good piece of casting to choose Rob Thomas to play George. He seemed completely at home in the role of Suzette’s chef husband, perplexed by the situation around him.

Thank you Redbourn Players for your invitation and a very good performance of a hilarious play. You deserved the tumultuous applause of the audience. Even the curtain, with the changing partners, was amusing.

Written by Lennie Self

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Season’s Greetings by Alan Ayckbourn


The Cast

  • Belinda ---------------- Benita Gilliam
  • Neville ------------------Andy Turner
  • Pattie ------------------Sue Tuffnell
  • Eddie ---------------David Howell
  • Phyllis --------------Pauline Mead
  • Bernard ----------------Peter Davies
  • Rachel ------------------Judy Curd
  • Clive ---------------Richard Smith
  • Harvey --------------Martin Howe


  • Set design – Geoff Farmer
  • Stage Manager – Alison Begeley
  • Properties – Ann Mundye
  • Lighting – Rob Thomas
  • Artistic Director - Linda Barnes - Assisted by – Jackie Freeth
  • Sound – Ray Cooper
  • Publicity – Ann Mundye
  • Printing – Judy Curd

Rehearsals went well for this amusing play which the Players last presented in October 1985. Pauline will be performing her original role in the 1985 production.


Seasons greetings played to full houses and was well received.

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Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw

Thursday 3 April - Saturday 5 April 2003

Arms and The Man


Director June Farmer is to be congratulated for her sensitive production of this very enjoyable timeless play.

The play was well cast, with the various characters contrasting well both physically and in their interpretations of their roles. The sets were well designed and extremely well dressed. There were some effective sound effects, and a good realistic lighting plot and lighting cues were generally efficiently operated.

Ann Munday, playing Catherine Petkoff, had very good projection and stage presence and showed sympathy as a mother colluding with her daughter.

Benita Gilliam had to express a range of emotions in her role as the daughter, Rania Petkoff. She looked good in her costume and moved with a grace befitting her station in life.

Kim Marston-Taylors portrayal of Louka had a lack of deference to her employers and a scorn of the apparently fawning Nicola.

Andy Turner was impressive with his excellent timing, good projection and bearing. He was ideally cast as Bluntschi with some very good facial expressions.

Martin Boutland was suitably officious as the officer. He had a deferential pedantic speech as Nicola.

Peter Davies had some good facial expressions whilst playing the bumbling major and loving family man.

David Howell seemed quite at home in his role of Major Sergius Saranoff and interacted well with Bluntschi.

The sets were well designed and easily adaptable for change of venue. The bedroom was realistic, especially the use of candles and matching curtains and drapes. Geoff Farmer and his crew should be proud of their achievement. The costumes were impressive so the costume co-ordinator should also be congratulated. (Jackie Freeth). The programme was well designed containing David Howell’s poem “Amateur Dramatics” and Harriet Mackintosh’s article on the same topic.

The above is based on and compiled from a National Operatic & Dramatic Association (London Area) Report on the Players Production of Arms & the Man.

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Autumn Production 2002

A Pantomime ‘Ali Baba’ by David Howell At
Redbourn Village Hall.

The Pantomime was performed over three Arabian Nights and two Afternoons.

28 November to 1 December 2002


For the 2002 Pantomime, ‘Ali Baba’, the Redbourn Players have chosen to travel to the exotic East, to a land of Sultans, palaces, magic carpets, genies, dungeons and a very bizarre Bazaar. This gripping, yet amusing tale, which has more twists and turns than a plate of spaghetti, follows Ali Baba’s adventures as he attempts to outwit the Sultans evil Grand vizier and two henchmen, save the kingdom, marry the princess and still get home in time for tea. All this despite the dubious assistance he receives from his poor widowed mother, halfwit younger brother and his brother’s equally mentally challenged girlfriend and of course the gorilla!

There were songs, dances and pathetic jokes and no shortage of local references, in what was a good alternative to the inevitable repeats on television. June Farmer was directing. This was her sixth pantomime in seven years. She enjoys the fun of rehearsing and performances and will be pleased to hear from anyone interested in taking part: - age range 9 -90 years! – acting, singing or dancing. Last year there was a cast of 37 in Robinson Crusoe, many of whom joined the Players just for the show – some even stayed to take part in later productions!

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Further information from June Farmer or 792016

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See also: Redbourn Village Hall

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