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The above 1958 picture is from
Geoff Webb's Collection

Motorway widening 2006


M1 Junction 10a proposals

Luton Roadworks Map

Work starts 6 January for 70 Weeks.

From Wednesday 15 January for around six weeks two-way traffic lights will be in operation in London Road, Luton, from 9.30am-3pm on weekdays.

From week commencing Monday 20 January, and also for around six weeks, overnight lane closures will be in place on the M1 spur, A1081 New Airport Way and Kidney Wood roundabout from 8pm-6am each evening. Narrow lanes and cones will remain in the area during day-time hours.

From early March onwards, a 24-hour 30mph speed limit will be introduced on the M1 spur / New Airport Way in order to maintain the safety of the workforce. Later in the programme it is further anticipated that it will be necessary to close M1 Junction 10 on a number of Saturday evenings to allow for the safe installation of new overhead sign gantries.

Jan 2014 complete site clearance, erect site offices, install traffic management, establish vehicle recovery service, start earthworks, excavate drainage ponds

Jan March 2014 accommodation works

Jan June 2014 service diversions, J10a roundabout removal

Feb July 2014 construct London Road underbridge southern section

Feb June 2014 widen M1 spur M1 to Stockwood Bridge, Stockwood Bridge to London Road, northern slip roads

Mar June 2014 construct southern slip roads

Feb Aug 2014 widen London Road underbridge to J10a

Jan Oct 2014 - Airport Way widening

July Dec 2014 construct London Road underbridge northern section.

M1 Widening Scheme Junction 6a to 10

See also: - M1 Widening and Compensation Claims

The Motorway expansion around Redbourn has essentially finished. The upgraded section of motorway has variable speed limits and speed cameras as has the M25. Beware of the roadworks from Junction 10 Northwards to Milton Keynes with average speed cameras and a 50 mph speed limit. See: - Junction 10 to 13 widening

Demolition of the Nicholls Farm bridge
on Saturday 16th June 2007

M1 Archaeology Exhibition

In St Marys Trancept 03 March 2008 2pm - 7pm

P3030099a.gif P3030100a.gif

P3030094b.gif P3030095t.gif P3030096a.gif
Above 1st Century Roman brooch, tweezers and pottery

Prehistoric cremation burials were found at Junction 8

At Junction 9a large number of shallow pits were
found with evidence of flint knapping and some pits containing pottery

Drainage Works along Nickey Line. These are completed and the footpath is open. New planting has happened.

From March 2008 Parish Council Minutes (Commons & Footpaths)


Cllr Swendell tabled a letter he is sending to Balfour Beatty Skanska. He reported that he had received many complaints about noise and lights from residents since work on the Nickey Line started. At the commencement of the M1 Widening Project it had been agreed that the waste water drainage pipe should go along the Nickey Line rather than road as it seemed a better option and avoided upheaval and inconvenience of roadworks along the by pass. However the works are taking a considerable time to complete, and the Nickey Line has had many trees removed and it looks very unattractive and is dangerous for people using it a senior resident has fallen and broken his wrist. Concern was expressed that the Parish Council have been acting on good faith rather than on an agreed process. The time for planting is coming up, and it was felt that discussions should be held with Suzy Keeley and representatives from Balfour Beatty Skanska in order to agree dates and actions to needed to renovate the Nickey Line and bring it back to its former condition. Councillors did not want to end up with a situation where the cost of putting things right would become the financial responsibility of the Parish Council.

The Clerk was asked to notify the Friends of the Nickey Line of their concerns, and ask them to take an interest in the situation. Cllr Warren also recommended that the CMS should be alerted to the situation as they were promoting walks along the Nickey Line.

Balfour Beaty SKANSKA held a morning Motorway Widening Exhibition 27 January 9am to 1pm At the Ramada Jarvis Hotel . I was told that the B487 is unlikely to have complete closure. Traffic lights are to be expected at the motorway bridge during the day and it is possible that the B487 might be closed at Night

From From Parish Council Planning Minutes 24 July 2006: -


Suzy Keeley, Public Liaison Officer for the M1 Widening Scheme, (working on behalf Balfour Beatty and Skanska), attended the meeting. Various points were raised and these included:

The first section of the M1 widening would be completed by the end of the year, and so far everything is going according to plan.

Reassurance was given that once the works are completed, site debris will be cleared and planting will take place.

Footpaths (including the Nickey Line) will be temporarily diverted, and all will be left as found when work is completed.

To date Councillors has not noticed any impact on the village as a result of the M1 Widening.

A professional presentation giving technical input on the M1 widening was available to Councillors, and the Clerk was asked to arrange this for the Full Council.

Part of Lybury Lane (from a point 300m north west of its junction with the M1 overbridge south eastwards for a distance of approximately 700m) will be closed for 9 months to allow the bridge to be widened. Diversions would be put in place via Hemel Hempstead Road, Fish Street, High Street, Harpenden Lane, Redbourn Bypass, A5, Chequers Hill, Delmerend Lane.

There are plans that archaeological finds will be exhibited in the Redbourn Museum, and Susan Keeley intends to take a special interest in this and will be liaising with the Museum.

Highways Agency Exhibition



Power lines and other utility services, eg overhead power cables at Junction 10 and near Redbourn, have been moved. Tree cutting has taken place alongside the motorway.

The current motorway carries an average of 160,000 vehicles per day between the above junctions and is often subject to delays. The stretch is also accident prone. Once the scheme is complete this vehicle numbers may rise to around 200,000 daily.

The scheme will bring the stretch to 4 lane full motorway standard, Junctions 8-9 will be widened both ways, and 9 to 10 southbound. The M10 Junction at 7/8 will have new parallel roads. Widening or replacement will occur for 11 Underbridges and replacement of 7 overbridges.

Sections between 8 and 9 will have 3 metre earth embankments and it is said that a quieter surface will be employed.

Estimated cost 214M


Highways Agency Links

M1 Jct 6a to 10 Widening

Junction 10 to 13 widening

A5-M1 Link (Dunstable Northern Bypass)

A5 Route Management Strategy (from M1 Jct 9 to M1 Jct 18)

M1 Widening Team, C8 Highways Agency, 5 Broadway, Broad Street, Birmingham, B15 1BL


Exhibitions were also held at Adyfield (17 Jan 2004), and Markyate (16 Jan 2004), Slip End (31 Jan 2004)

M1 Widening and Compensation Claims.

Have you received a letter from Surveyors Thomas Broadbent? Before you agree to paying them 10% of any compensation they recover bear in mind that you can apply yourself freely and will be treated by the highways authority in the same way.

The Highways Agency (Bedford 01234 796634) has been contacted and I thought Redbourn dwellers would like to know:

  • Compensation is only payable after works are completed. (Works ie digging up the road, not preliminary works) are due to start in 2006 and last 18 months to 2 years.
  • Notices are posted in the local papers and at the time applications for compensation are due.
  • Inhabitants of houses at the time of applying may apply themselves, no agent is needed.
  • Once all claims are in compensation is assessed by the Highways Authority with regard to pollution, noise and falls in house prices etc.
  • It is likely that claims can be made in 2009

Fran Brown

Redbourn webmasters thank Fran Brown for obtaining this information.

Current public notices

Claims process

For further Geoff Webb Photographs see: Crown Street, Dolittle Mill, High Street, Home Guard, Hopes Carpets And Flooring Ltd, Motorway Widening, Redbourn Cricket Club, Redbourn House, Russel Harborough, The Queen Victoria,

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