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January 2011

Following on from my earlier message yesterday regarding the damage to the cricket pitch.

A resident on Saturday 22nd January between 17.30 - 18.00pm, whilst out walking their dog, saw an older style Mitsubishi Showgun drive onto the cricket pitch and spin at least once! It was dark but it has been described as possibly silver with dark, possibly brown door panels.

A people carrier was parked in the small car park at the top of North Common Juncion with Lybury Lane, was that you? If so, please contact Police ASAP with any information.

We also have unconfirmed reports that a 4 x 4 was also seen in Hilltop causing the similar damage on the grass verge.

DID ANYBODY SEE ANYTHING, WE NEED AN INDEX OF THIS VEHICLE. Please get in touch with Police ASAP on 0845 33 00 222.


P.S. We are receiving more information from residents which shows that OWL 'does' work.

Police are urgently appealing for witnesses to come forward with any information regarding a mindless act of vandalism on the cricket square and cricket pitch in Redbourn.

One witness who we still need to trace, told another member of public that on Saturday 22nd January at approx. 00.30hours (Going into Sunday morning) they saw possibly a quad bike driving all over the cricket pitch causing extensive damage to the sum of over £2,500. The witness thinks the person driving this was also wearing a pink fluorescent motorcycle helmet.

There has also been similar damage to the grassed area in Hilltop.

Somebody MUST have information relating to these offences, it was late and they must have made a lot of noise! If you do have any information regarding this crime, please do not hesitate to contact Police on 0845 33 00 222.


If you need to reply by email my address is:

Regards, Alli Dewar, Police Community Support Officer

November 2010

The Trading Standards Office are making people aware of the following scam:

A card is posted through your door from a company called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) suggesting that they were unable to deliver a parcel and that you need to contact them on 0906 6611911 (a Premium rate number).

DO NOT call this number, as this is a mail scam originating from Belize.

If you call the number and you start to hear a recorded message you will already have been billed £315 for the phone call.

If you do receive a card with these details, then please contact Royal Mail Fraud on 020 7239 6655.

Alli Dewar Police Community Support Officer Neighbourhood Watch

Email: Tel: 01707 806143

Hertfordshire's new domestic abuse support site - which aims to provide information and advice for victims, concerned friends, family and colleagues, young people, professionals and perpetrators who want to change their behaviour - has launched.

The site has been created by the joint police and county council County Community Safety Unit, working with partners across the county, and is based on a similar site from authorities in Warwickshire.

If offers a range of advice for those concerned about abuse, including spotting the signs, advice on how to get help, the range of services available across the county and more.

The site is being continually developed and refreshed - including plans to have an online reporting form on the site early next year.

If you have any feedback on the site please email the county's domestic abuse programme coordinator Sarah Taylor, at

Emma Cowie Senior Press and PR Officer Neighbourhood Watch Email:

October 2010


Unfortunately I have to report a burglary in The Park area of Redbourn.

The offence occurred yesterday - Thursday 4th November between 1pm to 7.30pm. The offender/s gained access to the property forcing open a rear kitchen window. Once inside the property various items were stolen and offender/s exited through the patio doors. It is believed the offender/s could have had a vehicle as a 42" television was also stolen.

If anybody saw anyone or anything suspicious around that time or possible saw a vehicle, could you please contact the Police on 0845 33 00 222.

PLEASE REMEMBER: There are several simple steps people can take to help keep your property secure from thieves and ensure they see in the winter months safely.

Invest in a security light and alarm to deter burglars. Research shows that the biggest deterrent for burglars is a house alarm.

Use a timer switch for lights when you're not in so your home gets the ‘lived-in' look.

Make sure you check that you've locked your front and back doors, and secured all windows, including upstairs ones, before leaving your doorstep.

Alli Dewar, Police Community Support Officer, Neighbourhood Watch

Email: Tel: 01707 806143

Some hard facts about the clothing collection ‘business'

* Good quality clothes donated direct to charity shops are sold in the shops and the profit goes direct to the charity and Clothes not considered up to standard may be sold on by the charity to second hand clothes merchants for profit * Other ‘charity' leaflets actually come from firms donating to non-British charities that are harder to check out and often have similar names to UK charities * Most leaflets pushed through the UK's letterboxes come from private profit-making companies and never benefit a charity * Old clothes make money - clothes merchants sell used clothing on the international market for £600 - £800 per tonne * Unwanted clothes are often purchased by ‘entrepreneurs' in third world countries who can then create a livelihood for themselves and others by selling these on to other people.

Doorstep collections

* Some charities operate their own direct doorstep collections, using bags clearly marked up with their charity details and charity number, which can be checked with the Charity Commission (0845 300 0218, * Other charities rely on ‘royalty' deals with private companies who give them a small percentage of profits made from selling the clothing - usually less than 5% * Some leaflets come from "bogus" collectors, who give the impression they are collecting for charity when they are actually profitmaking businesses * Many use the names and company registration numbers of dissolved companies or give false charity names and numbers. If there is a company number on the leaflet, this can be checked with Companies House ( * If you want to be sure who is benefiting from your donation, read the small print! Flyers are carefully worded to stay on the right side of the law and often state that they are not a charity * If you're not sure who is behind the collection and you are able, consider taking them to a high street charity shop, or to a Waste Recycling centre or supermarket car park.

The moral argument

Charities argue that private firms have brought doorstep collections into disrepute and made consumers lose trust in genuine collections. Private firms argue they provide a free collection service and also create employment, both in the UK and abroad, for collectors, those who sort and clean the clothes, firms that transport the clothes to where they are sold and, of course, the entrepreneurs, or ‘exporters' themselves. There is truth in this, but consumers should consider all the facts before they donate.

What can Trading Standards do?

Hertfordshire Trading Standards receives numerous complaints and enquiries about these leaflets every year but can only investigate and prosecute if the firm has broken the law. Private collectors who do not claim to be a charity or

make other misleading claims are not breaking the law - it's just that householders ‘assume' they are a charity. If a leaflet contains false information or claims about charity or company registration,business name or address details, report this to Hertfordshire

Trading Standards by calling Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 or send the leaflet to Hertfordshire Trading Standards at Mundells,

Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL7 1FT.

Current blacklist

Childrens Support Society - using someone else's charity number

W&W Help Ltd - company dissolved

Valewall Ltd - company dissolved

Breakthrough Breast

Cancer - collectors unconnected with charity

RNLI - stolen genuine leaflets attached to plain bin liners (genuine RNLI collection bags are pre-printed)

Hand of Help - charity giving claims unsubstantiated

Heartbeat UK - collectors unconnected with charity claimed

ASD Ltd - false company information given

Recycling Port Ltd - proposal to strike company off

Orellana Ltd - company dissolved

Seabeach Ltd - company dissolved

Help & Support Ltd - proposal to strike company off

Europe Supplies Ltd - company dissolved.

If you need to reply by email click on my address here:

Regards, Alli Dewar, Police Community Support Officer, Neighbourhood Watch

Email: Tel: 01707 806143

Hertfordshire Trading Standards has become aware of several cases where a company cold-called at houses in Hertfordshire offering people the chance to enter a free competition in order to promote their business. In this case, it appeared that the competition was genuine, but we were concerned that the canvassers were asking householders to fill out a brief form giving personal details.

We were not happy with this aspect, as it's never a good idea for people to give out personal details in this way, as it's not possible to tell what they will be used for. They could be passed onto other companies, who may then pester the householder with sales visits, or they may even be used for identity fraud purposes.

Trading Standards would be interested to hear whether any householders have had callers like this, or whether this has caused anyone any problems.

If you have information about doorstep competition cold callers in your area, please contact Herts Trading Standards' general email address (

April 2010

A burglary occurred last night (19 April 2010) between 2230hrs (Sunday) and 0555hrs (Monday) in The Park area of Redbourn.

The offenders have used an implement to retrieve the car keys through the letterbox of the property which were on a hook located on a wall next to the front door. They have then made off with the vehicle which was parked on the driveway.

Please remember NOT to leave valuables and any keys in view of the front door. If you have any information regarding this crime or any other crime, please do not hesitate to contact 0845 33 00 222.

If you need to reply by email my address is:

Please be aware that unfortunately Redbourn has had another overnight burglary. This happened in the Ridgedown area of the village which is predominantly a residential area for the elderly and vulnerable.

The offence occurred between Wednesday 31 March from 8pm to Thursday 1 April at 7.20am.

If you saw anybody around those times acting suspiciously or have any information, please do not hesitate to contact the Police on 0845 33 00 222.

If you need to reply by email click on my address is:

Regards, Alli Dewar Police Community Support Officer

March 2010


Unfortunately I have to report that there has been a burglary in the Snatchup area of Redbourn.

The offence occurred between Thursday 18 March from 2300 hrs to Friday 19 March at 6.20 hrs.

Offenders have approached the front door of the premises and used a flat object to prise open the door lock. They have then stolen various items including the keys for a Silver Volvo '53' plate vehicle to which they made off in.

Did anybody see a suspicious vehicle parked up in Snatchup in the days leading up the offence? If anybody has any information in relation to this crime please do not hesitate to contact Police straightaway on 0845 33 00 222.

Please always remember to double lock your doors and windows and be vigilant of any strange behaviour of people you don't recognise or vehicles in your area.

Alli Dewar, Police Community Support Officer, Neighbourhood Watch

Email: Tel: 01707 354192

Jan 2010

Gold Fever - Beware of generous buyers at the door

Gold prices are very high - even your broken jewellery is worth good money and jewellery buyers are very keen to buy.

Be cautious about advertising material through your letterbox from so-called generous cash buyers willing to visit your home to value your gold and silver.

If you are considering taking advantage of high gold prices perhaps you could contact a local established independent jewellers.

Do not invite door to door canvassers into your home to value property.

Hertfordshire is one of the safest places in the country to live, work and visit. Neighbourhood can help keep it this way.

If you need to reply by email click on my address here:

Peter Yexley Community Coordinator Neighbourhood Watch

Suspicious Activity

On Friday 15th January at approximately 4pm residents of Cravells Road and East Common were visited by a male in his 20s who was short and wore a grey jacket. He said he was carrying out a survey on older properties and how they have 'stood up' to the bad weather we have had recently.

He offered a card to the home owner however they were not able to read it due to not having glasses on. He seemed more interested in asking questions about who was living in the property and trying to gain information such as phone numbers and times when the property would be empty. He left when it was clear he was not going to get this information.

Police are not aware of any such survey being carried out and advise residents to be aware of anyone calling at the door that you are not expecting. Check any ID offered and do not call any number they give you for verification, use a phone book etc. If you are still not happy then politely ask them to leave or you will call the police.

If you need to reply by email use the address here:

Regards, Alli Dewar, Police Community Support Officer, Tel 01707 354192


Police Officers from Hertfordshire Serious and Organised Crime are currently investigating a number of incidents whereby a man purporting to be a police officer investigating a fraud calls an elderly resident and asks them to provide their bank details, including Personal Identification Numbers (PIN).

The police would never ask for bank details so, if you have a call of this nature, do not give any personal details to the caller and call police as soon as possible.

Please pass this message on to your friends and relatives and if you have had a similar phone calls to contact police as soon as possible on the non-emergency number 0845 3300222.

St.Albans Neighbourhood watch have also received further reports about calls from individuals purporting to be from BT and threatening to disconnect their telephone unless immediate payment is made.

When questioned about the authenticity of the ‘BT Official', the caller offers to prove that he can immediately disconnect the phone by asking the resident to end the call and try to make another call. The line remains dead until the ‘BT' caller phones back.

Although this ability might appear convincing, it is simply done by the caller NOT ending the call whilst the receiving party does; thus keeping the line open.

BT do not phone people and practice this method of collection, do not pass your financial information to anybody claiming to be from BT.

Regards, Peter Yexley, Community Coordinator, Neighbourhood Watch , Email:

Dec 2009


Deterring the Burglar – A Christmas Message

Whilst crime in the village is still down on this time last year, there has been an increase in the number of burglaries in the District, including Redbourn. With the longer dark evenings now upon us, it is a good time to remind ourselves of the benefits of making sure that we have some kind of lighting in our houses in the early evening before we get home.

It is a fact of life that if your home looks empty when darkness falls, then there is every likelihood that nobody is at home. I could make that conclusion, as could you, and certainly ‘Burglar Bill’ is going to think that here is a house that is unoccupied. How much better if, when the burglar passes your house, he sees a faint glimmer of light which makes him think that perhaps you may be home, even when you are not. Putting doubt in his mind is often enough to make him pass you by and go on to another target where his chances of success are more certain.

Time switches are easily obtainable from electrical outlets and DIY stores and are relatively cheap to purchase when you compare that with the distress and cost of a burglary when it happens to you. Many people never get over the anguish caused by the invasion of their own home and a change of address is often the inevitable outcome for some.

Police are asking for residents to be particularly vigilant at this time, especially with the added benefits for burglars at Christmas time with homes stocked with valuable presents for your friends and loved ones.

An online crime prevention tool has been developed - a virtual 'house' which you can explore to discover advice on how to keep safe and secure. The ‘house’ can be accessed via the link below:

Do Not Disclose Your Pin Number to Anyone

Police would like to remind you that you should never pass details of your bank card PIN (Personal Identification Number) number to anyone.

This follows incidents across the District where members of the public have had their wallets or purses stolen and have then been contacted by someone claiming to be from their bank requesting their PIN to allow them to cancel their cards. In most cases, money has been taken from their bank accounts.

These offenders are clever and convincing but it is important to remember to never disclose your PIN number to anyone.

• If you are carrying a bag, keep it close to you with the opening facing inwards, keep purses and wallets in front pockets, and try and cover up expensive looking jewellery.

• Never leave your bag or personal belongings in a shopping trolley and ensure if you use something valuable in the street, to always put it away safely.

• Men are reminded not to leave their wallets in their back pockets as it makes it easy for opportunist thieves to take them.

All this apart, it is as well to be reminded that we do live in a relatively safe and crime- free part of the country. Let’s do all we can to keep it that way. Happy Christmas.

Barry Welch, Neighbourhood Watch Ward Coordinator for Redbourn

Tel 01582 626443 or Email

Nov 2009

Ref: 1114 November 16, 2009


RESIDENTS across Hertfordshire are being told to be on their guard against a ‘Boiler Room’ scam to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of a fraud.

Detectives from Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Fraud Squad want to help people to avoid falling for the scams, which typically begin over the telephone, where someone will receive a call and is offered to buy shares in a company at a discounted price.

In reality, the company is based outside the UK, and is employed to promote the shares of another company. The salespeople use high pressure tactics, often calling people several times a week in order to get them to buy shares.

Once the caller agrees to buy the shares, they are first asked to send a large quantity of money to release the shares, wh
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