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July 2010

Dear Friends and supporters,

Nobody need feel lonely or isolated in this village!

A recently published survey suggests that one in ten people, across all age groups, are lonely. Surprisingly it is people in the age group 18-34 who claim to feel the loneliest (perhaps stuck behind their electronic gadgets for hours on end?) and not necessarily the more elderly among us. Now, nobody would argue that it is every person’s right to chose to be on their own or to interact with others to a level where they feel comfortable. But what about people who want to be more socially engaged but don’t know how to go about it? Well, the good news is that there is plenty of opportunity in this village to enjoy the company of like minded souls and enhance the quality of life if that is their desire. Just looking through the pages of last months issue of Common Round, one can see a range of possibilities that only require a willingness to pick up the phone or go along to a certain venue where anyone, including complete strangers, would be welcome to join in the fun and make friends. For instance, it offers -

Coffee on the Common - Mon – Fri at the Cricket Pavilion from 9-11

Redbourn “Pop-In” – Thursdays in the Village Hall from 9.30-11.30

Coffee Morning - 2nd Saturday each month at the Methodist Church from 10-12

Redbourn Good Companions – 1st Tuesday each month from 2-4

A visit to the Village Hall or a trawl through the Redbourn Village website (details below) will reveal a whole host of different clubs and societies to interest people of all ages. Why not try one or two and see how it goes?

And, of course, our own Care Bus Outings, held twice monthly, are another way of enjoying the company of others and the countryside. Just call our organiser Annie Lowe on 01582 794615 or ring our office. Next trips are scheduled for July 1st & 15th; August 5th & 19th; September 2nd & 16th. Annie is also running bus trips to some of the Open Gardens on 4th & 5th July starting at 1.00pm each day so call Annie to reserve a seat for this great afternoon out.

900 -Carnival June 2010

By the time you are reading this article the 900 carnival will have come and gone. We hope that it was a dry day and well attended. Thanks to all of you who found time to visit and support the Care Group’s stall and we hope that all the sweets are gone! Thanks again to those that helped on the day, the generosity of our sponsors and a special thank you to those teenagers from the village that helped Annie Manning on her stall.

Please ensure that if you need our help with say, a lift to hospital or clinic, please don’t be shy in calling the office; it’s what our volunteers give their time for!

To find us:- pop in to the Care Group Office in the Village Hall. We are open from 9.30 –12.noon Mon –Fri. Tel: 01582 794550 or visit the Redbourn website and click on Care Group.

Non urgent requests or enquiries can be sent by email to

Barry Welch Annie Manning

Chairman Fundraising and Awareness Coordinator

June 2010

Dear friends and supporters,

Carnival Day –don’t forget to visit our stall!

Count down for the 900 Carnival and our Ye Olde sweetie stall and I am looking forward to a very busy and fun day. Please don’t leave me with too many leftovers my dentist will never forgive me!

I am certain I will not be short of willing helpers on the day but would be pleased of any offers of assistance it will be a long day. Please call me personally on 01582 794235 if you have a half hour to spare. Whilst I think of it a huge thank you on behalf of the Group to Caroline Chandler for helping with sourcing and organising the sweets.

We will have supply of our own leaflets so if you know anybody that may be interested in using our help and/or helping the Group as a volunteer please pop on stand and talk to the team. We will, as Barry said in last month’s article, be also selling our Christmas cards.

As I have said to Rev Will on other occasions we are relying on his connections to pray for a sunny and dry day!

Annie Manning - Fundraising and Awareness Co-ordinator

Our Transport Service for Village Residents

We have a very proud record at the Care Group Office in that we rarely knowingly fail to meet a request to provide volunteer transport to take clients to hospital appointments and the like. But we have noticed a tailing off in the number of requests and journeys made over the last year or two. How much of this is due to different NHS arrangements or the residents of Redbourn not being aware of this service, we just don’t know. Could it be that the populace is even healthier these days?! The pity is that we have over 50 willing car drivers who are presently underused and we need to keep them interested!

The cost (waived in special cases) is just 40 pence per mile, there and back, to cover the drivers’ expenses but their time is given absolutely freely and that is what makes it such good value. We undertake journeys of all types, at our discretion. The general qualification is that you need help which family or friends are unable to give at the time of provision or perhaps, use of public transport is not appropriate. All we ask is that you give us at least two working days notice to maximise the chances of organising your lift. In an emergency, call us any time to see if we can help. Our assistance is offered to any village resident, not just the elderly, who may be in need of our help.

Our popular outings in the Care Bus continue over the summer months as follows; June 3rd & 17th ; July 1st & 15th ; August 5th & 19th. For a change of scenery in good companionship, contact our organiser Annie Lowe direct on 01582 794615 or leave a message with our office.

Remember - If you need our services, all you have to do is:- pop in to the Care Group Office in the Village Hall. We are open 9.30 –12.noon Mon –Fri. Tel: 01582 794550 or visit the Redbourn website and click on Care Group. Non urgent requests or enquiries can be sent by email to

Good luck to the organisers of R900 for a successful Carnival Day enjoyed by everyone.

Barry Welch Chairman

February 2010

Dear Friends and Care Group Supporters,

As I am writing February’s article we will all have survived the first batch of bad weather and wondering if more snow is on the way. We have all over-eaten at Christmas and seen the numerous adverts for keep fit dvd’s often followed by adverts for chocolate! Whatever our age, shape or size we will all have got through January and forgotten half of the New year’s resolutions to diet but you are all very welcome (chocoholics included) to join the volunteers that support the Care Group’s aims and objectives that enable us to deliver our services.

Year 2010

2010 will be a great year for the village with the 900 year celebrations that the Care Group will of course participate in and, of course, our own 30th anniversary celebrations –all will be revealed as the year unfolds. It will be crucial to our continued increasing high profile as a valued charity to the community to be seen and supported at these events.

Legacy funding – The Moor foot path and benches

As you are aware we were extremely fortunate to receive a legacy from Norma Lacey. I have continued to update you with the good work and projects that this has enabled us to do. Just before the snow arrived the path on The Moor was completed enabling the children to walk to the school bus stop, parishioners walking to church or villagers using that side of the village to have a safer walk. Indeed our Chairman Barry Welch and I enjoyed the safety of an evening walk to St Mary’s to the Christmas Tree Festival without having to walk on the road. Well done to Our Mollie and Podge for doing such a great job on the tree. I am also hoping by the time you are reading this issue of Common Round that our two benches are affixed one in memory of our generous deceased donor and good friend Norma Lacey and the other in memory of Lois Hinton one of our founder members.

Golf - Love it or Hate it?

How ever you feel about the game of golf, 2010 is going to be a year for us to look at golfers in a new light. Both the Redbourn Golf Club and the Cricketers Golf Society are pledged to organise various members’ events to raise funds for the Care Group. We are extremely grateful for their kindness in recognising what we do for the village and supporting us with these ventures. If you get the opportunity to support them, please do.

Fancy a trip out?

As always our Annie (the other one!) is still giving her time generously to organise outings and the next few dates to remind you of are as follows:- February 11th and 25th, March 11th and 25th and April 8th and 22nd. Contact the office or Annie direct on 01582 794615. Look out for our posters dotted around the village with contact details too.

Need our assistance?

See Redbourn Care Group or pop in to the Care Group Office, Village Hall. We are open 9.30 –12.noon Mon –Fri. Tel: Care Group Office: 01582 794550

Non urgent requests or queries can be sent by email to

Annie Manning

Fundraising and Awareness Co-ordinator

Jan 2010

At this time of year, we look forward to what the future may bring with renewed expectation and optimism. We in the Care Group, especially, are eager to see how things pan out as we enter our 30th year of providing a helping hand to those who need it. And I have a feeling that we are all going to have our lives further enriched as we conjoin the various celebrations of Redbourn 900 as well as our own various celebrations. Is there, I wonder, anything significant or wondrous about the fact that our 30 years is the square root of Redbourn 900 for this one year?

One thing we hope for is to raise the profile of the Care Group so that we become known to more potential clients and to become a focus for even more volunteering spirit. We have been lucky over the years to have gradually increased the number of wonderful helpers on our team, the majority of whom like what they do so much, they stay for years! At this time we can already depend on the generosity of around 110 loyal and active volunteers who, together, give hundreds, if not thousands of hours of valuable time each year carrying out our vital work. Our lasting appreciation goes to them all, as ever.

But we can never have enough and there are always vacancies, particularly for drivers and couriers for our Care Bus and representatives for our Street Contact Scheme. So, if you haven’t made a New Year resolution yet to give us a helping hand, you are still not too late! You will be most welcome to come and join our friendly band. Help make this our best year ever for new recruits! Just call Jane, our Office Manager, or any of our trustees, for more information.

We will be doing something different this year in that we will be inviting all of our lovely clients to a lunch party with entertainment at the Village Hall on Sunday 3rd October. This will involve a lot of transportation logistics to and from the venue, so we would like to put all our clients, drivers and couriers on standby for this celebration event!

We continue to bring about modernisation to our organisation. With it comes a lot of hard work and administration by the team, but hopefully we are keeping up with the vast array of legal requirements to keep us on the straight and narrow. Our thanks to all our Volunteers who, having had to go through a formal application process, are now properly registered as ‘members’ in order to benefit from our legal protection measures and to vote at meetings! Thank you once again for your forbearance. It has been worthwhile, I can assure you.

About some of our Minibus Trips

Our Care Bus takes swimmers to Harpenden Pool on Monday mornings from 8.30 – 10.00. Currently we have some vacancies so if you are interested in this activity please get in touch with our office for details. Our driver would be delighted to fill all the empty seats! We will again be running our popular afternoon outings twice a month most of the year. Our first few outings are scheduled for February 11th & 25th, March 11th & 25th, April 8th & 22nd. If you find getting about difficult and need a change of scenery in good company, then ring Annie Lowe direct on 01582 79 4615 or contact our office. We are always delighted to see a few new faces as well as the usual suspects!

Need our help?

Telephone or pop in to the Care Group office in the Village Hall. Tel: 01582 794550. We are open 9.30 –12.noon Mon –Fri. Or you can visit the Redbourn website at and click on ‘Care Group’ to find out more about our services. Bank Holidays aside, our office should be open as usual throughout the festive period. In case of emergency, contact telephone numbers will be obtainable from our recorded message.


Barry Welch Chairman

Dec 2009

On behalf of our Chairman and fellow trustees a huge thank you to all our supporters, volunteers and generous donors for their support during 2009. It has been a very exciting year for the Care Group - accepting new challenges and becoming involved with new initiatives in our bid to help our community and meet the wishes of our legacy donors.

Cricketers Fund Raising Evening –October

This was a really good evening, great atmosphere and music provided by Neil of Zarr Music and hopefully the first of many of our social and fundraising events. Apart from seeing our guests of all ages enjoying themselves we raised nearly £300 from ticket sales and the raffle. What we didn’t realise was the staff were watching our crazy dancing on the downstairs monitor and we are now affectionately known as the Redbourn Rockers!

Joking aside, a huge thank you to our hosts Debbie, Colin and Andy of the Cricketers who generously allowed us use of the function room and did a brilliant job of the catering as always. Thanks to those local businesses and friends for kindly donating the raffle prizes including; Redbourn Business Systems, Crown Pharmacy, Regency Bouquets, The Village Store, The Co-op and Jones & Hall.

Footpath on The Moor

By the time you read this, it is hoped that work, funded by the Care Group, will have begun on construction of the footpath that will provide a safe passage for the young and not so young who currently have to use the roadway in Chequer Lane. This will link Brooke End and Hemel Hempstead Road to complete the path way round the Common and will provide a spur toward the River Red with a couple of bench seats dedicated to two of our greatest benefactors, Lois Hinton and Norma Lacey. We sincerely hope that this facility will be a great benefit, enjoyed by everyone.

Swimming (Harpenden Pool)

Our Care Bus takes swimmers to Harpenden Pool every Monday morning from 8.30 – 10.00. Currently we have some vacancies so if you are interested in this activity please get in touch with our office for details.

Need our help?

Telephone or pop in to the Care Group office in the Village Hall. Tel: 01582 794550. We are open 9.30 –12.noon Mon –Fri. Or you can visit the Redbourn website at to find out more about our services. Bank Holidays aside, our office should be open as usual throughout the festive period. In case of emergency, contact telephone numbers will be obtainable from our recorded message.

Here’s to a great 2010 –which just happens to be our 30th Anniversary. So watch out for our events and please join us in celebrating this great mile stone in our history.

Finally we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe and Merry Christmas.

Annie Manning Fundraising & Awareness

Nov 2009

Street Contact Scheme

Our Street Contact Scheme has been in existence since the Care Group was formed in 1980 and is one of the essential elements in our caring culture. The success of the scheme does fluctuate and depends entirely on our ability to recruit at least one representative for each street in the village. Currently our numbers are down, so looking out for vulnerable or infirm residents who may be in need of the help we can give, is sometimes difficult.

Whilst the role of a Street Contact is a vital link for us, it is by no means an onerous task. The purpose of a Contact is to keep an eye on the assigned area for anyone who might be in need of some temporary help, particularly those living alone or elderly. Generally an unobtrusive low profile, caring and sensitive approach is all that is required. Our office is open each weekday morning and an out of hours contact number is always available whenever you need to seek assistance to overcome a problem. Another task is to greet newly arrived residents with a welcome pack giving them a long list of useful telephone numbers, a village map, one of our glossy brochures and details of their Street Contact.

The number of streets in need of new volunteers are too numerous to mention here, but among them are Hemel Hempstead Road, Downedge, Snatchup, Hilltop, Tassell Hall, Silk Mill Road, Holts Meadow, Chequer Lane, Lamb Lane, Miller Close, Flamsteadbury Lane and East Common. If you can help, please either call direct our Street Contact Coordinator, Steve Lillywhite on 01582 792881 or leave a message at the office on 01582 794550.

Some of you may remember the Contact Newsletter we used to distribute to our representatives. It is our intention to resurrect this important means of communication and you should begin to see them again during 2010.

Monthly Care Bus Outings

Just a reminder that we have two outings in November, so if you need a change of scenery please call our organiser Annie Lowe on 794615 (or contact our office number below, for your details to be forwarded).

November 12th and 26th (Christmas Garden Centres)

A Christmas Luncheon in December is also being organised for our regular trippers. If you need more details give Annie a call. There will be a full program of trips for 2010 so watch out for details as they are announced. Need our help?

For a full description of the services we offer, you can visit the Redbourn website at and click on ‘Care Group’ or ring or pop in to the Care Group office in the Village Hall. Tel: 01582 794550. We are open 9.30 – 12.noon every week day.

We always need a little extra help!

If you want to stay young at heart, why not come and join us as a volunteer. The work is very flexible and you do as much or as little to suit your lifestyle. Just contact the office and a trustee will get in touch to answer your questions to see if a role is right for you. A very warm welcome awaits you.

Monthly Outings

If you already enjoy our monthly trips in the Care Bus, or you would like to try one for yourself, the next dates are: 14th & 28th May; 11th & 25th June.
Call the Office on 01582 794550 or call Annie Lowe on 01582 794615.
There is a small charge which is payable on the day.

Weekly Shopping Trips

Our bus does regular shopping trips to Sainsburys, Woodhall Farm, twice a week. We have been doing this for a number of years, so we asked the store if they would consider making a contribution to the Care Group for all the business we had given them. The manager agreed and last month presented us with a cheque for £250, which will help us with our costs. So, thank you Sainsburys!

Redbourn Cricket Club

We like to help other local not-for-profit organisations, from time to time, if we can. It came to our attention that, as a result of the fire last year at the village cricket club, the junior section lost valuable equipment which could not be covered by the insurance claim. We are pleased to say that, with the help of us and others, the juniors have been able to start their new season on time and we wish them all the very best for their continued success.


If you need our assistance, have time to spare as a volunteer, or would like to support us with a gift, please visit the Redbourn website to see what we do, or pop in to the Care Group Office in the Village Hall.

We are open 9.30 –12.noon, Mon –Fri. Tel: 01582 794550.

Non-urgent Emails to

Barry Welch - Chairman

March 09 Newsletter

Office Modernisation Positive application has paid off for the Care Group, thanks to a grant from Hertfordshire Grassroots. We have already purchased our much needed new computer system and broadband, so now our volunteer office staff might have the answer to your enquiry at their fingertips! It also means that you will be able to communicate any Non-Urgent messages via our email address Our next purchase will be a modern colour copier and printer for better quality in-house publications. They are also helping us with some of our office overheads, for which we are very grateful.

Swimmers Alert! Are you over 60 and keen on swimming? Did you know that you can enjoy this healthy pastime at Harpers Health and Fitness FREE for two years from April? All you have to do is fill in a registration form, available from the centre, and provide copy of proof of eligibility (bus pass, birth certificate or pension letter). Free swimming is available during public sessions only which should include our Monday morning swimmers’ group.

Monthly Outings Because of their popularity and an increase in demand, we now run two Care Bus outings each month. We have room for up to ten people each trip and we are eager to ensure that anyone who needs a change of scenery in pleasant company will have the opportunity to enjoy an outing from time to time. We want to be fair to everybody and it will mean that regular trippers may have to alternate in order to accommodate new guests.

March: 12th and 26th and April: 16th and 30th. Mostly, they are mystery tours of 3 – 4 hours, taking in the countryside, a stop for a cup of tea and cake and maybe some purchases from a garden centre! Please phone our office any weekday morning on 01582 794550 if you, or someone you know, would like to be considered. We will then pass on your details to Annie Lowe, our trips organizer, to allocate a seat, or you can contact Annie direct on 01582 794615.

Community Car Scheme - New Care Group Initiative for Pet Owners We now have an accredited volunteer driver, Anna Mackenzie, who is willing and able to convey small animals for veterinary treatment. It is hoped that we may be of assistance, whenever the need arises, when the owner has difficulty in making the journey in the normal way and needs a neighbourly hand. By arrangement, through our office (hours 9.30 to noon each week day), Anna may be available to collect and return the animal, accompanied by the owner when possible. Only in an emergency, outside our office hours, should arrangements be made directly with Anna on 01582 792834. In most cases there will be the usual small mileage charge to cover costs, currently 40 pence per mile. We hope that this extension of our services will provide a useful facility for the residents of Redbourn.

Garage Project Our team of excellent volunteers headed by Project Leader, Mike Murrell, is now making good progress and we hope to be able to announce more concrete advances in the next month or two. The weather we’ve had this winter shows just how much our minibus needs a cover over its roof!

If you have need of our services in 2009, or would like to help us as a volunteer, remember our phone number is 01582 794550.

Barry Welch – Chairman, Redbourn Care Group


Now that the Christmas celebrations have come and gone, we turn our attention to the New Year with all the hopes and uncertainties that it will undoubtedly hold for each of us. Whatever your dreams or concerns for the future may be, I, on behalf of everyone involved with the Care Group, wish you a very happy and healthy new year. We may all become fiscally the poorer because of the worsening economic situation, but remember always that we are fortunate to live in such a caring community where people lend support to those in need of comfort and reassurance. This happy state is surely worth a fortune.

I was reminded, at our AGM in November, of the scale of good works regularly carried out here, when the Trustees reported the achievements of the past year to a packed house. Especially pleasing were the results of our core business, the transportation of mostly elderly people from door-to-door, for a myriad of functions. On average each week, at minimal cost, we helped 65 people get to places that are often difficult to reach for those who don’t have a car. An average ten car journeys a week were made by our volunteer car drivers, plus another 55 people carried in our minibus; many of the trips were for recreational outings, so we’re not just here to support the more mundane tasks!

During the evening, the work of some of our great volunteers was recognised and mementos were presented to Dennis Smee, Alan Clark and Oliver Wall, in appreciation of their long service to the community. Pat Kay, David Viollet, Joan Marshall, Vera Martin and George Slazak could not attend and they will have had a knock on their door!

We learned also that a further half dozen people came forward as Street Representatives, giving welcome information packs to new residents and looking out for neighbours who might require a little help in times of need.

Our Treasurer’s report reflected the continuing generosity of Redbourn folk for their very welcome donations, helping to keep us on a firm financial footing to enable us to meet the ever increasing demands on our services.

For me it was a great honour to be elected Chairman – only the third in our 28 year history! The massive contribution by Peter Fox over those years, including 17 years as Chairman, was acknowledged by a grateful audience and the presentation of a bottle of champagne to be enjoyed with his family who have given him unstinting support over the years. Peter will remain a Trustee in the role of Vice-Chairman and give support to me and to our colleagues, but he hopes to free up some time, enabling him to pursue his many other interests. Take it easy Peter - you’ve earned it!

If you have need of our services in 2009 or would like to help us as a volunteer, please phone us on 01582 794550.

Barry Welch – Chairman RCG

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October 2008

The Garage and Community Service

As many of you know we are currently negotiating the site for our garage to house our
lovely new bus. We need security of tenure that would then release grant aid from at least one local charity that has expressed an interest in supporting us. Finding the site is just one of the hurdles we needed to overcome; funding of the garage being another!

Our fundraising objective for the next year or so is obviously to maintain the quality service that we provide to villagers who are in need of a helping hand. We are met with ever increasing running costs, an increase in demand for our assistance and the imminent need now to raise the capital for the costs of the garage and on-going ground rent. Apart from housing the bus, the garage is required to store our vital equipment that includes wheelchairs, Zimmer frames, mobility aids and power scooters.

Fundraising events……the first few dozen bricks!!

Fundraising initiatives have already commenced and we would like to thank those of you that helped me celebrate my recent coming of age at a fundraising evening in support of the Care Group. We had a great night at Anastasia’s Restaurant St Albans and with the generosity of Costas the proprietor, a raffle and other generous donations we have so far raised over £550 from the event. Many thanks to the following local businesses for providing the raffle prizes: The Cricketers Pub and Restaurant, Regency Bouquets, Crown Pharmacy, Co-operative Stores and Country Styles.

Leaflets and Collection boxes

In my last CommonRound article, (see below), I was asking for help with awareness with the request to display leaflets in local businesses and this remains vital for the group’s growth. Additionally, if you are able to have a collection box for your own customers to donate please call either the Care Group Office or me.

In addition to various fundraising events we are exploring possibilities of charitable grants and with the on-going kindness of our community we hope to achieve our goal.

Pop in to the Care Group Office, Village Hall. We are open 9.30 –12.noon Mon –Fri.

Annie Manning: Fundraising and Awareness Co-ordinator on behalf of the Care Group

Tel: Care Group Office: 794550 / Annie:794235

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September 2008

Redbourn Care Group –not just for the elderly

Can you help?

I know a lot of our readers have helped schools and clubs within the village and we all tend to move along with helping where our children attend. If yours are moving up to secondary school and you do not intend to get involved with the PTA there -have you been wondering about where you could now best donate a few hours a week? Have you thought about helping the Care Group? We are looking for drivers and couriers and more information about these roles is being distributed in the latest Parish Newsletter.

I have to confess I hadn’t given the Group a thought until they helped me last year –it is not just the elderly who become sick you know guys! But if you are fit and healthy and want to help as a volunteer we would love to have you on board. Peter Fox, our Chairman, is always saying we would welcome ‘more young blood’.

For instance, did you know they take a group of shoppers to Sainsbury’s every week on Wednesday evenings? On Friday mornings and Thursday mornings there’s a trip to our local village shops. This is something many of us may do online or fit in between a dozen other things, but to those who use this service it’s a Godsend.

Want to find out more?

  • Pop in to the Care Group office, Village Hall and we will hand you a supply of leaflets/newsletters. We are open 9.30 –12noon Mon –Fri.
  • Look out for our leaflets in the Doctors’ surgery and the local library

(Additionally, if you work for an organisation or office within the area and feel able to display our leaflets in your reception for visitors, just give the office or me a call).

For my sins, I am helping with awareness and fund raising, so look out for us organising events in the future – we are mulling over ideas.

Any help with awareness and volunteering to help is really appreciated.

Annie Manning - Fundraising and Awareness Co-ordinator

On behalf of the Care Group Tel: Care Group Office:794550/Annie:794235

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July & August 2008

With the new Care Bus fulfilling our expectations as we get accustomed to it, and our drivers and couriers also becoming accustomed to various new procedures, I can happily report that we are busier than ever. The additional monthly outings are proving successful, and organiser, Annie Lowe, is most grateful to her regular volunteer drivers who do so much to help our less able citizens to get out and about to enjoy some friendly company and our lovely countryside. Please contact Annie on 794615 or our office on 794550 for further details of the summer plans.

Speaking of the office, Jane, who manages it, has been busy with her great band of volunteers who run the office each week day morning ensuring that various new operational measures are bedded in, with the least possible disruption. These are not changes for changes sake, but are measures necessary for us to continue to function in the best possible manner going forward.

We are also looking at our whole funding and financial set up to ensure we are fit to meet the challenging times ahead. This work has certainly been, and will continue to be, time consuming for the officers and the executive committee, but with the truly remarkable support of our magnificently loyal volunteers over the whole range of our activities we know that we will be able to continue to play our full part in keeping Redbourn’s community spirit alive and thriving.

If you feel you may be able to commit a few hours now and again to this cause, do please contact us.

Peter Fox – Chairman RCG

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June 2008

I must start with a very big thank you to everyone who contributed so successfully to our recent
dedication of the splendid new care bus. A large number of people and organisations were involved to make it a special day. Best of all was that so many of our regular volunteers came along with their guests and gave us a chance once again to swap experiences and friendly chat. A visit to Redbourn Village website has a full write up and pictures of the event; just click on the link to the Care Group

We are settling the new bus in, and there is no doubt that, as we get acquainted with it and its various new features, this vehicle will be a worthy successor to its predecessors.

One of our aims is to ensure that as many residents with mobility challenges as possible get the chance to go on one of the regular trips out being laid on during this magnificent time of year. A call to the office on 794550 or to organiser Annie on 794651 will provide further details.

As you read these notes, we will have completed a programme of presentations given by Barry Welch with the aim of keeping us all up to date with best practices regarding the safety of our volunteers and those to whom we try to provide the best possible service. We thank all who attended, and the positive feedback made us feel that Barry’s hard preparatory work and very good presentations were certainly well worth the effort. We were hosted by the Recreation Centre, and thank Manager Debbie and friends, who served us refreshments, for the warmth of their hospitality.

Our efforts to provide a garage and equipment store have not gone ahead as well as expected, so the search for a suitable site within the hub of the village goes on. Any suggestions gratefully received!

We are still seeking drivers to keep the Monday morning swimming run going. If you think you could help, Jane our office manager would love to hear from you on 792864. Indeed, we would welcome and enquiries regarding volunteering a little time with us. There are many ways to help, and many residents who could do with a little help of one kind or another. Do please contact us if you feel you could assist. Peter Fox, Chairman R.C.G.

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May 2008

The New Care Bus It has been a very busy time for us so far this year, and our officers have been hard at work with the introduction into service of the new Care Bus, disposal of the old one, ensuring all our drivers and couriers are familiar with the inevitable changes and innovations, and also with keeping all our volunteers involved in the mobility aspects of our work up to date with best practice advice to keep both themselves and those we serve as well protected as possible.

Outings As we enter this lovely time of year, our outings organiser Annie has been putting together a programme of trips out which we hope will include an extra tour each month, to accommodate a wider number of folk each month wishing to come along. We are hoping to see some new faces, and gentlemen please note that these trips are for you as well as the fairer sex!

We may also be able to vary the usual afternoon schedule from time to time, if there is a demand.

The following dates are provisional as I write so please check with Annie on 794615 or the office on 794550. It is a door to door service, very reasonably priced and the company is warm and friendly.

May 8th and 22nd & June 12th and 26th

We are also open to ideas and suggestions regarding the future programme.


We undertake weekly shopping trips on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and they are very popular, with the office keeping a waiting list. However, as I write, there is a spare seat, or two, for the Wednesday early evening shopping run. Please contact Jane on 792684 or the office for further details.

Dear readers, please also remember that our task is to play as full a part as possible, to work with others to meet the caring needs of our growing community and to combat loneliness. We strive to do this in a safe, friendly, yet practical environment, following the best advice we can obtain. To maintain the effort we are always very pleased to welcome new volunteers.

Just call any of the numbers above or me on 793303.

Peter Fox, Chairman RCG

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February 2008

As these notes were about to be prepared in early January, we got some very good news to start us off in the New Year when we heard that the long awaited arrival of the new care bus into this country has at last taken place. The vehicle has arrived safely from the German manufacturer and is now being converted for our use by a specialist company here. The latest estimate for delivery to be ready for use is early March.

The last winter seemed to bring more than the usual round of coughs, colds and flu, but our office has remained open and as busy as ever, thanks to some fine teamwork and the loyalty of our great band of volunteers. We hope to show our thanks in a positive way when we celebrate and welcome the new care bus into service.

This magazine has been printed locally for many, many years now with the expert guidance of local man Les Smith. His whole working life, and his retirement years to date, were spent operating printing presses and training others to continue the work of producing a variety of printed matter required by St Mary’s Church week in and week out.

Les and his wife, Hazel, herself a valued member of the Care Group Executive Committee and stalwart of the Day Centre volunteer team, have decided it is time for Les to hand over his printing duties to the next generation. We salute his long service and wish him and Hazel peace, joy and many warm relaxing days ahead.

As ever, we are on the lookout for more residents to join us in our efforts to keep this a caring community, and we require many varied skills. Any reader willing to contribute a few hours now and then is assured of a warm welcome and as much training and advice as necessary. To find out more, please call our office any weekday morning on 794550 or me on 793303 or Jane on 792684.

When we heard that the youngsters who attend Oaklands College Transition Group, based at St Luke’s School here in Redbourn, were interested in the local wildlife, especially birds, the Care Group and some local members of the Ver Valley Society offered to help establish a feeding station within sight of their common room.

Life has presented these youngsters, who have special needs, with some difficult challenges as they prepare for life beyond school and college. Working with the dedicated staff and these interested youngsters has been a pleasure, and they intend to build on this project, with the help of a little funding and their own enthusiasm, to add interest to their student life. We are also grateful to the Watford RSPB Group for providing several nest boxes which are now in place around the site. Peter Fox, Chairman R.C.G.

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REDBOURN CARE GROUP December 2007 Newsletter

A.G.M. Our well attended Annual General Meeting was held in the Village Hall on 25th October. A thought provoking talk was given by guest speaker Mrs Shaun Brown, of the Centre for Voluntary Service, on the subject of CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checks. Since much of our activity relates to working with vulnerable folk, we are assessing the way ahead, and how best to ensure the safety and protection of both those whom we serve, and of our large band of loyal volunteers. We have much to consider, and would welcome the views of any well informed person who is involved with us. The C.V.S. at St Albans have a useful pamphlet on this subject, and experienced advisers. They can be contacted on 01727 852657.

The various Care Group officers gave their reports for the past year and, once again, the theme running through all their accounts highlighted the wonderful contribution we continue to receive from many members of our community who support us so reliably. We offer our heartfelt thanks to them all and urge them to stay with us over the challenging, but hopefully rewarding, times ahead and, if possible, to recruit some additional young blood!

The audited accounts for the past year were presented by Treasurer Ralph Goold and they show that we are in a very healthy position. This is just as well as we are soon to take delivery of a new care bus. We are also well on the way to building a garage and store to house it.

As in past years, we are very grateful indeed to our Parish Council for their indispensable support of the care Group in many ways, not least financially. Our thanks were expressed to its officers for their very co-operative attitude and patience.

It was pleasing to report that, once again, in 2006/7 this community achieved a prestigious regional award from the Herts Society C.P.R.E. in the Care of the Elderly category. We are proud of the part our volunteers played in this splendid village wide effort.

In accepting my re-election to the post of Chairman, I tried to express my somewhat mixed feelings of humility and warm thanks for the confidence placed in me, together with the re-elected Executive Committee. We will continue to work hard to justify that confidence in what will be my last year as chairman. With Barry Welch elected as Vice Chair, together with the following executive committee names given here, I feel we are in very good shape to carry the Care Group forward, and help maintain Redbourn’s reputation as a caring village with a still flourishing community spirit. Executive Committee: Mr A Clark, Mrs C Crawley, Mrs W Cruickshank, Mrs E Duras, Mrs J Farmer, Mrs J Fisher, Mr V French, Mr R Goold, Mr C Lambert (Life President), Mr S Lillywhite, Mrs A Lowe, Mrs M Maynard, Mrs A Mundye, Mr J Picken, Mr R Pritchard, Mr P Rosen, Mrs P Schofield, Mr D Smee, Mrs H Smith, Mrs J Spreull, Mr T Swendell, Mr D Violett, Mrs M Williams. From these names, the Executive Committee will elect the remaining R.C.G. officers at its first meeting.

Remembrance Day As I write, the annual Remembrance Day service is about to take place, and it is planned that our wreath to be laid by our President Cyril Lambert. The British Legion poppy collection in Redbourn has been organised by Mr John Catlin of Tassell Hall for over thirty years. He has been responsible for the distribution of the poppies and collection boxes, and for getting the proceeds safely back to the Legion’s Harpenden H.Q. In John’s first year in 1976 Redbourn raised £165. Last year the sum totalled well over £1,000. John, himself a WWII veteran, would now like to pass on this task to a younger person. He would be pleased to hear from anyone interested, and can be contacted on 793521, or please contact Jim Wade of the Harpenden B.L. on 765643. The village owes John Catlin and his team of local helpers a very big thank you for their splendid effort over such a long time, and it is hoped that someone will come forward to carry on this important annual task.

Outings Organiser Annie Lowe has been hard at work putting together a programme for the lead up to Christmas including a Christmas lunch trip on 11th December. Please contact Annie on 794615 for information and to book this and other outings.

The Monday Club has its Christmas lunch on 13th December, and the care bus will be busy again on 14th taking folk to and from the Tea Dance organised by Anne Mundye and Janet Few. For further information on any of these and other seasonal activities in which we are involved, please call the office on 794550.

Post Office We can now officially welcome Sandra and Alan Woodland and wish them well on taking over the business. We are grateful that they and their staff wish to continue the close working relationship the Care Group has always had with this vital part of village life. We urge all residents to use the Post Office as much as possible in these days when for many local communities it remains a matter of “use it or lose it”.

With warmest greetings to you all from all of us at the Care Group.

Peter Fox, Chairman R.C.G.

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November 2007 Newsletter

Ever since the Redbourn Care Group was formed, our village Post Office and its staff have played a central role in our operation. At the time we launched, our first chairman, Cyril Lambert, was also the Sub-Postmaster and ran the business until his retirement many years later.

We were extremely fortunate when Cyril’s nephew Alec and his wife took over from Cyril, and the relationship with the Care Group has continued to prosper ever since. All the
Post Office staff show great kindness to the Care Group, as we have striven together to be of service to the community.

Mr and Mrs Reek are now in the process of selling the shop and Post Office. We would like to thank them most sincerely for continuing to allow the Post Office and staff to assist us, particularly with regard to the running of the care bus. We are all ready to welcome the new owners and we all hope very much that we can establish the same successful links with them.

In the near future we hope to take delivery of a splendid new care bus. The order was placed by us earlier this summer following consultation with our loyal volunteers. Our agents at Help the Aged encountered a problem which has caused some delay, but we are assured that all is now going ahead as planned.

Meanwhile, the present one is busier than ever, and Outings Organiser Annie Lowe is now planning an additional second leisure trip each month to various interesting places. Please contact Annie on 794815 or the Office on 794550 for further details, including plans to enjoy the lead up to Christmas.

A full account of our October Annual General Meeting will, hopefully, appear in the next edition of Common Round. Peter Fox, Chairman R.C.G.

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September 2007 Newsletter


For a great many years now the Care Group has run a weekly trip to Harpenden Swimming Pool on a Monday morning. The original idea was to provide an opportunity for residents who need a little help with mobility, but who would like to keep as fit as possible, the chance of a weekly swim. Over time, this early(ish) morning outing has turned into quite a friendly social get together. There is a small charge for the journey, and concessions are available for the swimming.

Our very good companion David Viollet, a long standing loyal friend to the group, has been the mainstay driver for many years, with other volunteer back-up for holidays etc. Quite reasonably, David would now like to take a step back, and so we are seeking a replacement regular driver for this run. If there is someone out there willing to drive the Care Bus, who is usually available on a Monday morning between about 8:00am and 10:45am, and who perhaps would enjoy a keep fit dip, would he or she please contact either me on 793303 or Jane on 792684 or the office on 794550.

Annie Lowe, our outings organiser, is busy putting together a further list of trips well into the autumn. Along with the usual afternoon tours into the lovely countryside hereabouts, there are possible variety theatre trips and the like also in the planning stage. Contact Annie on 794615, or the office, for dates and to book your seat. New faces are always welcome, and a warm friendly greeting awaits newcomers to this door-to-door service.

Redbourn is blessed with a still real and tangible community spirit, kept alive by those ready and willing to step forward and offer a little time and talent in support of others. For sure the Care Group still thrives because of this attitude, although it must be said that we would welcome some new, youngish blood.

There are also others, local heroes all, who quietly and, often behind the scenes, unobtrusively serve this community year in and year out. One such is the man who spends many hours each year tending the village War Memorial on the common. I know his efforts are much appreciated by our Parish Council, and I have heard many other complimentary comments over time regarding how well our memorial always looks. So may I use a little space to congratulate and thank James Miller of South Common, Redbourn, who may well be highly embarrassed by these words, but who, nevertheless, so richly deserves the thanks of all of us. Well done, James!

Enjoy the rest of the summer and Mother Nature’s autumnal bounty.

Peter Fox, Chairman RCG

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June 2007 Newsletter


A summer stroll on our lovely common brings many things to delight our senses, such as the annual flying display laid on for free as the swifts scream overhead in close formation. Then there is the heady scent from the avenue of lime trees as they blossom in June. This is enhanced by the smell of the grass being cut again, and the cricket matches getting into full flow for another season.

At dusk the bats come out to rival the swifts, adding to the many other signals given out by Mother Nature that yes, the long lazy summer days are here to be enjoyed for another year.

If, that is, dear reader, you are fortunate enough to be able to get out and about under your own steam. Not all our residents are so fortunate. It is a primary aim of the Care Group to offer assistance to any resident who is unable to get out and about and enjoy such delights as those described above without some help.

To fulfil this objective requires a great deal of effort, planning and voluntary participation.

We are wonderfully blessed in this community by the fact that so many residents come forward and offer their time and talents. Yet we still need more volunteers. It helps if you are young at heart, if not in years, and age of itself is no barrier, although we rejoice in recruiting some younger blood into the fold. So why not give it a go! You are promised the warmest of welcomes, and can find out more by contacting our office on 794550. On this same number you can find out about our monthly trips out for those with mobility difficulties.

Anyone wishing to contact us by telephone should always do so through this same number, at least in the first instance. The office is open each weekday morning from 9:30am until noon. Outside these hours, try 793303 or 792684. You can also leave us a recorded message. Remember to leave your contact details when doing so.

We also have an extensive network of Street Contact people who will put you in touch with us and who can offer other useful information. They are there to help you if help is needed. If you do not know who your Street Contact person is, get in touch with Steve, the scheme co-ordinator, on 792881.

Above all, please do not feel isolated or lonely. You are surrounded by people and organisations who can help you through the low times, and help you to feel safer if that is a concern for you.

We wish you well and hope you get the best out of these warm summer days.

Peter Fox, Chairman RCG

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April Newsletter

As Easter approaches, it brings many signs that the annual miracle of springtime is once again ours to be enjoyed, if that is, we are fortunate to be fit and able enough to get out and about in our glorious countryside. However, for those who are challenged with mobility difficulties, the Care Group Outings Team is planning a number of trips. These are designed to ensure that these folk will get the chance to see local woodlands carpeted by bluebells, the spring lambs romping in the fresh green grass and the trees bursting into life once again.

Despite the fact that she faces imminent eye surgery, our organiser Annie Lowe is determined to fill the Care Bus for each of the trips listed here. The service is door to door and the cost is extremely good value. To book, call our office on 794550.

Meanwhile, we wish Annie a speedy recovery.

19th April Chilterns Tour
17th May Springtime flowers

On the subject of encouraging the less able to get out and about, we still have copies of Haydn Davies’s book on
short walks on the flat for the short of breath. This series of walks ventures into some of the finest countryside hereabouts and easy to follow maps are provided. The booklet has been produced strictly on a ‘not for profit’ basis and Haydn has kindly included us in the charities receiving a share of the sales. Copies can be obtained from our office, from Redbournbury Mill, or from the author on 793991.

This is turning into a very busy year for the Care Group and we are hard at work, facing up to the various challenges that go with meeting the growing demands of a growing and vibrant community. It is worth stressing yet again that we exist to help all parishioners, of any age, at those times when a neighbourly, helping hand can make a difference. Our new brochure explains what we are about in detail and how you can help us in our work. It will shortly be available to all residents. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy to the full this lovely time of year and if there is any way we might help, just give us a call.

Peter Fox, chairman RCG

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BOB BENN 1931-2007.

January of this New Year saw the conclusion of Bob’s brave battle with cancer, as he passed away, peacefully, in hospital. Redbourn has lost a very dear friend. He was not born here, and had not lived here for some years following marriage to his dear Christine. Yet they both greatly cherished their Redbourn friendships. As we reflect on Bob’s life, that word friendship, in its deepest meaning, is the recurring theme. Throughout his life Bob made abiding friendships. It would seem that every friend he ever made was still pleased to be known as such at the end of Bob’s 75 years of life.

He came into my infant life when the Benn family found themselves in the Redbourn area following evacuation here from their Hampstead home as Hitler’s bombs began to fall on London. As his brother Ted and sisters Betty and Dorothy were found lodgings in the locality, Bob came to us at our hilltop home of 45, Lybury Lane. Very soon Bob became like an elder brother to my own brother Jeff and me. Over sixty five years later that is still how Bob will ever be regarded by me. My parents, Carrie and Fred Fox, formed a warm and lasting relationship with Mrs Benn as she managed to keep her children close to her in those fateful war years.

One of my earliest memories is of scrambling under the dining room table with Bob and Jeff whenever the siren, then mounted on a house chimney at “Vincents” corner, Lybury Lane, began to scream out its warning. It was Bob’s job to get me down to the nursery school at the old scout hut on the Common each morning on his way to the school set up for the evacuees at the village hall. Another of my early memories is of coming to grief on that same Vincents corner as Bob, running fast, lost control of the pushchair and we all finished in a painful heap in the lane. We escaped with a few grazes and minor pushchair damage, but have had many a smile over such incidents as these as we reminisced in later years.

Looking back, it was wonderful how the evacuees from London settled into Redbourn life, and a great many of those families remain here to this day. Our village community was then, and continues to be, enormously enriched by their presence. In keeping with the wonderful example of family closeness set by Mrs Benn through to her own passing, and still now by her children, who remain as close as ever at the time of Bob’s passing, Bob also formed and kept a very strong bond with my family.

He regularly sent cards and gifts on birthdays and at Christmas, and often visited them when they were ill. Just a few years back there was a national debate on the question of mistreatment of wartime evacuated children. Bob was outraged at some of this and felt so strongly that he wrote to the press and had an article published in this magazine, stressing how well he and his siblings had been looked after here. After hostilities ceased Bob got an apprenticeship in the electrical trade, and his family eventually settled into a house on the newly built Tassell Hall estate. This showed another laudable side to Bob’s character, for he stayed with that same employer throughout his working life. He was a very loyal person, and despite being seriously ill, Bob still managed to attend the Redbourn Old Boys Annual Gathering as usual last October in our village hall.

He became a long serving member of the renowned Redbourn Cricket Club, and played badminton for the very strong Monday Club at the village hall. He also did his bit for Redbourn Football Club, where, although never quite reaching the giddy heights of brother Ted’s soccer successes, he would always turn out when asked, and always tried his utmost for the team. In all these sporting activities Bob was ever popular with his fellow players, and here again, very strong, lifelong bonds were formed. He simply loved his sport and the comradeship that went with it.

Bob truly delighted in his growing number of nieces and nephews, retaining an active interest in their development. They in turn greatly loved their dear Uncle Bob. Such relationships were broadened further as Bob gained a still wider family following his marriage to Christine in 1983. The marriage blessing service took place here at St. Mary’s Church. In time two more little lovelies were born to Christine’s son and daughter in law. To Bob’s great pleasure they referred to him as “Grandad Bob.”

Bob loved the countryside, and was very observant as he took his dog for a walk. In my parish councillor days Bob would often let me know of a footpath blockage, a stile needing repair, or some interesting wildlife sighting. He loved gardening and growing things, and was a great help to my dad in this respect during his time with us. He still kept a well maintained allotment until recently.

I always felt that in his own special way Bob was a very spiritual person, always seeming grateful for the many good things in his life, never raising his voice, always very pleased to see an old acquaintance or make a new friend. After leaving the village Bob sponsored a seat next to his beloved cricket pitch on the common, by way of thanks for all the happy years spent by the Benn family hereabouts.

All who knew Bob will truly miss him. Yet if we can all follow his great example regarding the true value of friendship, of loyalty, of loving family relationships, and in his care and respect for all living things, then his spirit will live on amongst us. It is in this way that both the young and not so young who were fortunate enough to have known Bob will benefit as we journey on through life, and we will be the richer.

Peter Fox


As I write these notes in early February, preparations are being made to hold a service of thanksgiving for the life of Peggy Lambert. As the wife of our President, Cyril, Peggy played a very considerable part in the week by week running of the Group. Quietly, in the background, Peggy made us officers welcome every week as we held our Monday meetings to manage our affairs. A warm greeting, along with a hot cuppa and some nibbles, were always provided by Peggy.

Peggy was unstinting in her backing of Cyril throughout his 27 years of magnificent service to Redbourn Care Group. For me, one of the best memories of Peggy will be when John Fisher and I had the great pleasure of taking her and Cyril to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party in recognition of their service to our community. At this function we met Canon Christine Farrington, with whom Cyril worked closely in the late 70s and early 80s on developing the community work of the St Mary’s pastoral team. It is fitting that Christine, now our Rural Dean, will officiate at the service of thanksgiving.

Outings Annie Lowe and her team continue to plan interesting trips out and about and would love to welcome some new faces along with our old “regulars”. The cost is minimal, the company good, and the service is door to door. To find out more, please call the office on 794550 or 794615.

Our efforts continue to ensure that our precious volunteers can carry out their work with us safely and with as little fuss and regimentation as possible. On professional advice, we are required to ensure that all our voluntary work complies with the ever changing legislation, and that our people are adequately protected. We also have to keep secure records to show that this is what we are doing, no more than is absolutely necessary. We are constantly reviewing how best we can comply, and we are more than ready to talk with any of our people who have concerns. Put simply, we have a duty of care to our volunteers and to those we serve. Our task is to carry out this duty properly, but with the least possible inconvenience to those loyal volunteers working with us.

Peter Fox, Chairman RCG

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Well, it’s hard to believe, but Christmas is over already and we turn our thoughts to the year ahead and to the February issue of the
Common Round.

All of us at the Care Group wish all readers some peace, joy and fulfilment in the year ahead. Perhaps, most importantly of all, we earnestly hope that no Redbourn resident suffers loneliness within our midst without their knowing that there are many individuals and groups in this caring community who are very willing to help combat that dreadful feeling if need be.

Due to our preparations for the imminent publication of a new information pamphlet about the Redbourn Care Group, we have been taking stock of who we are, why we are here, and where we are going in the challenging times ahead. One of our main conclusions is that if we can play our full part in being aware of loneliness, and being able to respond accordingly, virtually all else falls into place.

Of course it’s not that simple, and we know that one can be lonely in a room full of people, but if we can, in co-operation with others at work in the caring field, get across to all residents that help and friendly human contact is there if needed, then we will have succeeded in our task.


Over many, many years, Redbourn has been blessed with a very good Meals-on-Wheels service. It has been a privilege for the Care Group to help this splendid folk now and again in small ways over those years, and we will continue to do so. In that time we have been very impressed with the long and loyal service to the scheme by many volunteers.


Some forty two years ago, Mrs Elizabeth Stovin began her work with the M-o-W team, not only delivering, but organising volunteer lists and dealing with the finances; for many of those years, with the help of Post Master Cyril Lambert, himself first Chairman and now Life President of the Care Group. How fortunate this village has been to have been served for so long with such staunch care and loyalty!

Elizabeth and Cyril are now handing over their various caring duties to others who, inspired by such high standards, will try hard to maintain them. We wish them many days of peace and tranquillity, and the occasional warm inner glow of a job truly well done. Also, many congratulations to Elizabeth on reaching one of those special birthdays recently, still with that warm gentle smile firmly in place.

The year ahead is going to be a challenging one for the RCG, with some big decisions to be made, and much careful planning required to bring our future aspirations to fruition. We feel we are up for the job, and know how well we are supported by our precious volunteers, but we could always do with some more of the talents, time and skills abounding in this community. Why not get in touch and find out more. Just a couple of hours a month can be very useful to us. A warm, friendly welcome awaits!

Peter Fox, Chairman RGC, 793303 Office: 794550

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As we go boldly into the new year, I would like to wish all those splendid folk who are responsible for the production and distribution
Redbourn Common Round, and all its readers, a happy and prosperous New Year. I do so on behalf of the officers executive committee and all its loyal volunteers serving the Redbourn Care Group.

Having been asked recently, who or what is the Care Group? (by a resident of some years’ standing) it was felt appropriate at this time of renewal to restate who we are and what we seek to do. So, with apologies to regular readers, here is a summary of our activities.

Care Office, Redbourn Village Hall, High Street, Redbourn. Tel: 01582 794550

The office is open 9:30 - 12 noon Monday to Friday.

Care Group registered charity number: 297955

Contact the Care Office for more details of:

Transport for Doctor, Dentist, Optician, Foot Clinic and Hospital Appointments.

We provide voluntary private transport for trips to the above. Please try to give 48 hours notice. Out of office hours, please leave a message on the answer phone. Mileage at 30p per mile is normally paid to drivers to cover running costs.

Prescription Pick Up. Please ring the Care Office for details.

Street Contact Scheme

We have “contacts” in about 50 streets in Redbourn who are ready to give assistance or help. They will also give Information Packs to new residents. Please ring the Care Office for details.


We take villagers to Sainsbury’s on Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings and to the village shops on Thursday mornings.

Meals on Wheels Meals are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at a small cost. Please phone the organiser Mrs June farmer (792016) for details.

Library Books If you know anyone who is housebound and would like to read books or listen to tapes from the library please let us know.

Talking Newspapers for the Blind

We can arrange for a representative to call and give information about this service.


Arrangements can be made for chains and spyholes to be fitted to doors.

Help for Carers Meetings are held in the area to give support to people who are caring for severely handicapped people. If anyone needs help, we can put them in touch with the organisation.

Aids for the Disabled We have wheelchairs available for temporary loan, and also motorised scooters. We have various catalogues of aids eg tap levers, folding walking sticks, large handled cutlery etc.

Hearing Aids Monthly sessions are held in the Care Office for those who require small adjustments or batteries to their hearing aids.

Redbourn Day Centre A doctor needs to recommend that a person should have a place at St Mary’s Day Centre and the office needs to be contacted. We can then arrange transport. Outings Please let us know if anyone in your road would be interested in going on minibus outings. We normally run an outing once a month in the afternoon. Please contact the Care Office for dates and details.

The Monday Swim Departure from The Cricketers 8:25am, High Street (new Forge Place) 8:30am. For more details phone the Care Group office.

Redbourn Village Monday Club or the 224 Club meets 2 - 4pm in St Mary’s Church Transept Hall. A group whose ages range from the early 60s to ???? A typical afternoon shared by a group of friendly people. There may be vacancies for more people and transport is available. Phone Redbourn Care Group office.

Good Companions meets every other Thursday afternoon in the Village Hall from 2pm to 4pm. Tea and biscuits are provided. We collect and take home residents and can put you in touch with the organisers. Volunteers are always needed. An hour a month or as much as you like.

See for more information.

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Jan 2007

The 26th Annual General Meeting was held in the Centenary Suite at the Village Hall and was well attended. It is always encouraging to the executive committee and officers when a good number come along to hear us accounting for our efforts over the past year. Each officer gave a report on his or her activities and answered questions or gave explanations as required.

The important business of presenting audited accounts to the meeting was carried out, and a motion that they be accepted as a true record passed unanimously. As a registered charity, we have to provide the Charity Commission with an audited, approved set of accounts for the past year.

These accounts show that again we are in a healthy financial position, in no small part thanks to the wonderful support we receive from the local community. It is also due to the fact that our Parish Council continues to back us both financially and by collaborating with our efforts to help maintain and, where possible, to improve the quality of life here for all residents who need a helping hand now and then. The support we receive is a great encouragement to us to go on with our work, and to continue the effort to improve the service we try hard to provide.

Although we are in a healthy financial state, we have a couple of major projects ahead , both of which will be very expensive, but necessary to the future well-being of the Care Group. Firstly, the time is approaching when we will need to replace the care bus, and soon the consultation process will begin with our volunteer drivers and couriers as to what type of vehicle, seat configuration, lift type, and so on, we should go for. In addition, we will obtain professional advice before going ahead sometime in 2007 to purchase the new vehicle.

Secondly, we need a garage and store for the care bus and for various other equipment which we need and loan out, free of charge, within the community. The search for a suitable site for such a building continues and, meanwhile, we have set up a special fund to help finance the project when we get to the bricks and mortar stage.

The existing chairman was re-elected for the coming year and Mr Barry Welch was voted in as vice-chairman. The existing executive committee was re-elected en bloc and the remaining officer positions will be filled from that committee at its first meeting. We will then publish the full list with contact details. Space does not allow for a full AGM report here, but anyone wishing to obtain either the accounts or the draft minutes should contact the Care Office on 794550.

At the AGM we again gave publicity to the excellent Lions International initiative to save lives of vulnerable people with its “message in a bottle” scheme. We strongly back this initiative. The very next morning, I was called out to assist an elderly neighbour following a fall in the night. The first thing the paramedics did was to look for the “message in a bottle” sign on the house door. They told me how helpful this simple, but life-saving, scheme is. We have plenty of the special containers, stickers and detail forms available, and would urge all residents not yet in the scheme to contact us. We can provide expert, confidential help with filling in medical details etc and getting it properly installed in your home. It is simple, unobtrusive, costs nothing and, every day around the world, lives are saved.

OUTING We had an enjoyable trip recently to the Variety Express Show at Letchworth. This excellent troupe put on an annual variety show to raise large funds for various deserving causes and we congratulate them on the delightful entertainment they provided to packed audiences again this year. Outings organiser, Annie Lowe, and her team, have been hard at work planning seasonal expeditions including a Christmas lunch, Christmas shopping, mystery trips and a New Year party in London.

Get in touch with Annie on 794615 or contact the office on 794550 for details and to book your seat.

Finally, may I, on behalf of all of us at the Care Group, wish you all a very happy, peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Please remember that we exist to assist where help is needed, and to offer the warmth of human contact and kindness if required through the cold winter days.

For further information concerning the Care Group, visit the Redbourn Village Website and use the links to our pages of information and news.

Peter Fox, Chairman RCG 13 November 2006

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November Newsletter

I would like to open these notes with tribute to Wyndham Williams, who so sadly and suddenly passed away just a few short weeks ago. Wyndham was a great supporter of the Care Group, and will always be remembered for his long association with our weekly task of getting folk to and from the village Day Centre. Wyndham drove the care bus for many years and was very sad when, on medical advice, he had to give up his voluntary work which he so enjoyed doing. He was unfailingly cheerful, and always had a friendly word or four for all those he encountered as he went about his work with us.

More than this, he encouraged his dear wife Mollie, who has herself been a Day Centre helper for many years, to become Care Group secretary when this post became vacant a few years ago. This special couple greatly enjoyed their Golden Wedding celebrations recently, and so joined that very cherished and remarkable list of couples who have achieved their Golden Wedding anniversary whilst both having been regularly involved with the work of the Care Group.

St Mary’s was packed for the funeral service, and we said farewell to a true friend and colleague with some very lusty singing of a couple of his favourite Welsh hymns. He set a fine example to his loving family, and to all of us, by being ever mindful of the needs of others, and happily doing what he could to help whenever he was able.

Our Care Group President, Cyril Lambert, and his wife Peggy have both had to take a step back from their close involvement with the day to day running of the Group due to ill health. Here we have another couple whose names appear on that cherished list referred to above. Cyril continues as President, and we retain access to his wise counsel on community caring matters. Peggy is home again after a spell in hospital, and we will do all we can to support their efforts to enjoy some rest and peace after many years of dedicated work within our community.

Our Annual General Meeting takes place in the Village Hall on 26th October at 7:00 for 7:30pm (the same day as this edition is published). We hope for as much support from the village as possible, and we are always ready to welcome new volunteers to our ranks. There are many new challenges ahead of us and we would greatly welcome new friends to help us continue with our efforts to respond to the growing number of requests we get for a helping hand.

Please give me a ring for further information on 793303.

Like so many before you, you may well find that getting involved with the local caring effort brings its own rewards, such as new friendships, the old inner glow at a job well worth doing and, hopefully, well done; there is clear evidence that such involvement helps keep you young at heart.

Our regular outings programme of various trips in the care bus continues into the winter months, and a call to Annie Lowe on 794615, or the office on 794550, will give further details and a chance to book a place.

We now begin to leave the beautiful autumn behind and move into the shorter, colder days of winter. For some potentially lonely folk, it can be a time of dread. One of the main aims of the Care Group is to help fight loneliness. We have many contacts with groups who offer friendship and support, and would like to know of anyone who needs a little support through the cold winter days.

A friendly smile often helps so, if you meet someone feeling a bit sad and low and without a smile, give them one of yours.

For more general community information, visit the award winning Redbourn Website and use the Redbourn Care Group links Peter Fox, Chairman R.C.G.

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October 2006 Newsletter

All of us in the Care Group were shocked and saddened by the recent sudden death of our former outings organiser Anita Edwards. Anita joined our office staff as a volunteer in the late nineties. She later became our outings organiser and was very well known and respected by those who enjoy these monthly trips. Although a somewhat private person, Anita had a long history of volunteering, was very well travelled, loved her golf, and enjoyed her retirement years in Redbourn, where she earned the respect of those she worked with in her volunteering and sporting life. We were present at her cremation, which took place at Garston in September.

It was a great pleasure recently to meet members of the local
RAOB at their regular Sunday morning lodge gathering. They are perhaps better known to us as “The Buffs”. This lodge has met for many a year at The Bull Inn on a Sunday morning and has a proud tradition of supporting local charitable causes. On behalf of the Care Group I received a cheque for £500.
Bourn Lodge 9394 RAOB

Sunday 27 August 2006

Members of the Bourn Lodge 9394 of the RAOB present a cheque for £500 to Peter Fox (Redbourn Care Group) to help support Care Group activities.


This was with the support of St Albans and District PGL headed by brother Keith Dealey PGP for 2005

The Bourn Lodge meets in the Bull at 11am on Sundays

Village Web-site Editor Bob Boutland came along with me to record the event and, later that same day, Bob’s report and pictures were winging around the globe via the village web-site. By the way, Redbourn village web-site is gaining a strong reputation, and is a great way to keep up to date on all the community aspects and events which make up the rich pattern of village life.

I would also like to report that the Freemasons’ Bourn Lodge generously supported the Care Group in the purchase of the special wheelchair we provided to enable disabled folk to use the splendid new Bowls facility at Redbourn Recreation Centre.

It was a great honour and privilege to be invited by St Mary’s Churchwardens to take part in the service of institution and induction of the Reverend Will Gibbs as Vicar of Redbourn on 6th September. On behalf of the Care Group, the Ver Valley Society and other local groups with whom I work, I offered Will, Claire and daughter Olivia the very warmest and most sincere of village welcomes.

We also welcome Reverend Robert Foster, Minister of Redbourn Methodist Church and Superintendent of the Harpenden Circuit. For the first time, Redbourn has a Methodist minister resident in our village and we are delighted to welcome Robert and his wife Liz.

The service provided many with the opportunity to meet Robert and Liz and we look forward to knowing them better and to working with them.

Volunteers from the faith groups to the Care Group have always played an indispensable part in our work and we look forward to collaboration with Will and his family and with Robert and Liz, as well as our friends at the Baptist Church and St John Fisher, in the continuance of this ever increasing task.


The monthly programme into the autumn and winter is taking shape, and details can be obtained by contacting Annie Lowe on 794615 or the Care Group office on 794550.

I cannot end this month’s notes without referring to yet another admirable example of how well the finer side of the human spirit thrives within this community. Joyce Rowlands, New Forge Place resident, at the age of 81 years young, decided on a sponsored Tandem Parachute Jump in aid of McMillan Nurses, as a family birthday treat. Joyce said she enjoyed the 10,000ft descent very much, being strapped to her “hunky young man”. The Care Group was pleased to contribute collectively to this heart warming effort and there were individual sponsors from our ranks as well. It is not too late to support Joyce in this magnificent event and our office staff at the Village Hall will be pleased to receive further donations, any weekday morning from 9:30am until 12 noon, to be passed on to Joyce to add to the hundreds of pounds already raised for this worthy cause. Peter Fox - Chairman RCG 15 Sep 2006

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