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Closed September 2002 The Saracens Pub Closed 2010 The Bell And Shears

  • The Red Lion Pub became The Bell And Shears, Geof Webb has a photo of theRed Lion. The Red Lion was kept by Walker May from Norfolk in 1851
  • The Black Cat Inn was in Lamb Lane
  • The Jolly Gardeners may have been Redbourn's oldest inn. At one time it was used to make straw plait for sewing into straw hats. It is on Hemel Hempstead Road near the entrance to Church End.
  • The Crown was at the entrance to Crown Street on the High Street. Closed at the end of the 1800s. Kept by John Pedder in 1851. Became the Country House Restaurant which closed Aug 05. became Romanio Ristorante Italiano and is now Little Bankok
  • The Lark was near the corner of High Street and Fish Street. See: Tim Wharton Antiques.
  • The Cock Inn
  • The Antelope was opposite The Bull Pub. It was there in 1683 and closed by 1800.
  • The Bell was called White Cottage after it closed, it was in Lamb Lane.
  • The Lion and Lamb was in the High Street near the Fish Street corner and became the Railway Inn, closing in 1966.
  • The Woolpack was opposite The Red House and was demolished to make way for the Market House.
  • The Greyhound was on the High Street and is now the site of the Red House.
  • The Greyhound was on north side of Redbourn Common and was near the Methodist Church . At one time it was known as The Ashes.
  • The Queen Victoria
  • The Black Horse Inn was on the corner of Crouch Hall Lane and Blackhorse Lane. Kept by William Sells in 1851
  • Old Mother Redcap was on the corner of Lamb Lane and the High Street in the late 1700s.
  • Tom in Bedlam was opposite The Bull Pub and later let as a fruiterers and a boot repairers. Kept by John Garratt 1851
  • The White Horse was next to the Bull and later known as Brockway. Kept by William Lord in 1851. Dr Ayre was here in 1893. Mr Bisney once occupied the inn.
  • The White Hart was higher up the High Street than Tom in Bedlam. See: Indian Nights Restaurant and New Forge Place
  • The Punch Bowl was on the way to St Albans.
  • The Sheep Wash was on the east end of Redbourn Common and is now cottages.
  • The Waggon and Horses was near the churchyard and is now the site of a row of cottages on the Hemel Hempstead Road.
  • The Beer House was run by Mr Bisney, a veteran of Waterloo. It is now 33 Fish Street.
  • The Princes Head was once called The White Lamb. Kept by James Pratt in 1851.
  • Three Horse Shoes See The Cricketers Pub
  • The White Heart. Kept by Charles Dixon 1851.

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